The Italian Job

October 13, 2006 at 1:01 am (Uncategorized)

Oh yes, it’s that time at last. I can’t believe we are really, finally going, but in a few short hours, Llew and I will be winging our way to the seat of the ancient Roman Empire. Is there anything cooler than the fact that you can still see the colosseum, so named because it is so colossal? I doubt it. I remember the moment I arrived in Rome for the first time. I was on a train with Sarah, and I looked at her and said “Now it will always be true of me that I have been to Rome.” I’ve seen it, and now I am going to see it again, something I have been DESPERATE to do since the moment the train pulled out again a few days later. It’s Rome. As in the Romans. THE ROMANS. I mean, it’s just too cool. So we’re off for three whole awesome, viva Italia weeks, and I’ll try and blog from Italy, because I think I’ll quite enjoy saying “I’m in Italy” to anyone who will listen, but it certainly won’t be every day or anything like it. I’ll be too busy having fun with Llew in our own private and scary to watch eating contest.



  1. Ruanne said,

    Di: enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. Sigh.

  2. Elvis said,

    Lluigui and Dido (from Homer not the pop charts),

    please make sure you come back wearing the biggest farkin sets of sunnies the northern hemisphere has ever known ……and lots of orange apparel!!

    Be sure to look behind the big sprawling awnings with ads, you may find some important architecture (like the Spanish Steps or even the forum romani).

    Take up, or continue, smoking. And remember, the human body need only rely on pizza, red wine and espresso to subside while on tour. Roman vindication only comes when the body starts begging for mercy.

  3. doctordi said,

    We are getting some serious R & R, R & R (that’s Ruanne and Rupert to the rest of you!), thanks! I just love this town. We are already trying to plot our permanent residence.

    Rupert, welcome back from safari!! Can’t wait for our joint slide night – tickets on sale now! Yes, missing the smoking, but I am holding firm, and I was interested to see what St Peter’s looked like WITHOUT the drop cloth awning that concealed it in 1999. They love the scaffolding – this time it’s Piazza Navona and…oh, the list goes on. But I love the fact that they basically stencil the facade onto the awning so you can see what should be in front of you…it’s sweet of them to make believe like that. By the way, the colours for next season are khaki and mauve. That’s it.

    Anyway, must dash, it has been two hours since my last confession…I mean, drink…

  4. Elvis said,

    Enjoy; indulge!

    PS thanks for your link to the thesis. It will help me try to work out whether I liked “White Noise”. Definitely an offline discussion required.

  5. doctordi said,

    Elvis, you’re more than welcome to cuddle up at night with the hulking mass of a thing. There’s even the pub copy of my thesis that you can take out with you at night. It’ll light up the bedside table for MONTHS, and I’d be more than happy to get it out of my sight.

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