Roamin’ with Romans

October 16, 2006 at 3:43 pm (Uncategorized)

Rome was not built in a day, but it would sure take a lot longer now… Romans are basically too civilised and well-dressed to ever be in a serious hurry. To move out of the way of cars, trucks, buses and vespas, to stamp your passport at immigration (the newspaper calls, after all), to make the coffee, take your money, or to even open their own shops. I love it. There is just no need for urgency here – it does not mean anything.

Just a small correction: the Col (we are on first name terms now) was NOT called the Col because of its own size, but because of the nearby, whopping, look-at-me statue of…Flavio (I think). It did not survive, but when it was still looming large, Nero, the freak, moved it from its original position near the Col to his house. Selfish emperor-type move, really, but then Nero was a bit of a sociopath. It took 24 elephants to relocate it (“Just a little to the right….no, no, back a little…”).

Roma is one of the best cities on the planet, but we were not joining that queue at St Peter’s Basilica and the Vatican Museum today for anything or any deity. No thanks. The latter line snaked around the walls of the Vatican City for literally a couple of kilometres and ten people deep. Not the thing at all. I went the last time I was here, but Llew’s still hoping to see the interior one very, very early morning before the rush – which as I have already said is a completely anti-Roman concept and therefore unlikely to actually ever result in one. The good news is a few hundred metres away they were filming an Italian version of Hair, and there were lots of nude extras slapping their cheeks in time to the music in full view of St Peter’s. Now that’s a kind of reverence money just can’t buy.



  1. Vespisi said,

    Love your work Di. As always.
    I can’t find your email address right now but I have to remind you to register for Roughcut this year – Sat 11th Nov. I know Llew has but I couldn’t see your name down on the list. Better get in quick – registration closes on Sunday I think. You should have received an email from Tropfest with the link to the registration page. If you are having trouble, text me or email and I’ll do it for you.
    This comment has nothing to do with Rome, or Hair, but I hope you guys are having a fab time and look forward to catching up when you get back!

  2. doctordi said,

    Oops – I am in Florence and definitely not checking email regularly or doing any registering for work-type events – if it’s not too late, could you work your vespisi magic and get my name on the list? thanks, mate.

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