Being “Kimmed”

November 10, 2006 at 1:04 am (Uncategorized)

Today I am going to be “Kimmed,” and I daresay it will all go rather well. Kim is my hairdresser. He’s at the Valonz salon in Paddington, and the man does amazing things with a hairdryer. I can’t take any credit for finding Kim at all – that belongs to Sarah, who kindly agreed to share him with me. We love Kim. He never talks about the grey hairs that have started to appear on my head, he just deals with them. He’s an interesting guy – loves motorbikes and cars and owns property in Tasmania and looks kind of…rock – but really it’s all about the hair. He really doesn’t look like a hairdresser, whatever the hell that means, but he’s a good one, and they’re hard to find.

I just worry that it’s all become a little stale. We’ve grown used to our six weekly meetings, and everything’s become a little routine. At first there was champagne on arrival, and the excited rush of emotion at the thought of that transformative hairstyle, but now I fear we’ve sunk a little closer to the mundane. It’s not hard with me. I have pretty mundane hair. The champagne disappeared off the radar after that first million dollar, pre-wedding haircut. Coffee was the replacement, and it used to arrive in proper china sitting on a saucer. Now that I am a regular customer, I appear to have suffered the indignity of a beverage demotion. These days I have to PAY for my takeaway coffee, and they now dutifully tack on the extra money to my already exorbitant outlay. It leaves me feeling a little unclean. But I continue turning up regardless, because Kim is the only hairdresser I have ever known to never, ever give me a dud haircut. Fingers crossed today is not the day that all changes.

Postscript: No coffee, takeaway or otherwise, nor even a glass of water was proffered this time. But Kim continues to turn in a passable head of hair, which stays passable until the next time I see him, so I’ll get my caffeine elsewhere.


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