U2, We Four…

November 11, 2006 at 11:31 pm (Uncategorized)

Four of us went to see U2’s long-awaited Sydney concert last night. Four of us and about 60 or 70,000 others. Maybe more. It wasn’t an intimate gig, but it sure was slick. I’d been wanting to see U2 forever. In the balance, I would have to say they’re my favourite band. From sheer record purchases. Songs known by heart. First name familiarity with the lead singer. Oh yeah, that’s right…He’s just Bono to the whole world…Not just me, then….If asked, I probably wouldn’t immediately answer that U2 was my favourite musical outfit. On reflection, I don’t know how I could say anything else. We’ve been together through so much. They’ve seen me through my teens, my college years in Canada, my university years in Canberra, my first “real” job in Sydney, my move to London, my return, my PhD, my honeymoon. It occurs to me that U2 is the primary soundtrack of my life.

Of course there have been others. I still love all my 80s anthems, most of which were not recorded anywhere near the 80s. I’m a bit old school when it comes to music, not terribly…er…CURRENT. Show me the Velvet Underground and Nico. Put on the Doors. Throw on some Nirvana. Please play the Violent Femmes. Who doesn’t still love the Police? The Rolling Stones? Even the Eurythmics totally stand up to the test of time. Tom Waits and I go way back. Syd Barrett and his madcap laughs are hardly a riot but are so sad and…well, mad. Llew has educated me about the hilarious, ribald delights to be drawn from listening to Bon Scott’s AC/DC. I looooove a little Charlie Parker jazz.

But of course I have learned to love again. In their day, I loved Blur. Same with the Smiths and the Cure. I love the Strokes. I like Franz Ferdinand. The Scissor Sisters. Waiting for Guinness played at my wedding – I think they’re fantastic. Perfect music. Or rather, MY perfect music. I like the Babyshambles, but I think Pete Doherty is a total and utter, no baby about it shambles. I bought that James Blunt album, and it was soothing whilst I was editing my thesis. There’s been a lot of music. Naturally I’ll think of so many OBVIOUS omissions once I have posted this, and be appalled at the slimness of my off-the-top-of-my-head selection, but it’s not really the point to try to convince anyone of anything to do with my musical tastes. The point is this.

Through it all there’s been U2. So many great tunes, so much time, so much off-key singing at the top of my voice, never a chance of matching Bono’s sonic boom. I almost feel emotional thinking about all my years with their music, and it’s probably not surprising. As Dan, Llew, Sophie and I walked back to the car last night, Soph and I laughed about the fact that when you’re younger, you put yourself at the centre of the lyrics. All those songs across more than two decades were absorbed by me and related in some way to my life. When I listen to U2, that’s what I hear – memories. It’s pretty amazing stuff, being moved by music to such a degree, and I’m glad I finally clapped eyes on those Irish lads because they have been with me the longest. With or without you? I’ll take with, thanks.


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