Rain drops keep falling on my head

November 16, 2006 at 2:55 am (Uncategorized)

My, what foul weather we’re having….An inconvenient truth, all right – running all my errands in this is going to be an absolute NIGHTMARE… This is climate change right before our very eyes. Does that freak anyone else out? It freaks me out. I feel like I’m in one of those nature documentaries where they speed everything up so you can see the whole process of metamorphosis right up to the butterfly emerging from the chrysalis. It feels like we’re actually caught, live, in an accelerated change. It reminds me that we’re just all animals at the end of the day, and actually that’s kind of strange too.

Speaking of animals, Sacha Baron Cohen is in trouble with some of the people in his Borat movie…It’s a funny thing about people and their ‘isms’ – racism, sexism, anti-Semitism and so on – they really do know on some level that those attitudes are wrong. Some of the subjects in the Borat documentary were more than happy to share their views when they thought their good pal Borat was of the same mind, but now they know they’ve been drawn into admitting their prejudices and sometimes deeply shocking attitudes to the general public, they’re outraged. Litigious. Well, serves them right, I say. I’m glad their horrible attitudes are caught on film spilling effortlessly from their mouths, because now they’re going to be forced to confront them. Why are they uncomfortable about the whole world hearing what they have to say about race, sex, and religion? Because they do know, they KNOW, that all those ugly words and appalling sentiments are just not right. And the awful wrongness of it is right up there on screen, unblinking and damning.

Also up there, I’m pleased and relieved to say, are some wonderfully endearing displays of good old fashioned human decency. Some of the people Borat meets along his travels are so tolerant of him, and so hospitable and sweet toward him, and so patient about explaining to him that whatever rude thing he’s saying is not acceptable, that you can’t help but be reassured that, as I have always believed and have said before, there is beauty everywhere as surely as there is bastardry, and race, sex, and religion do not decide either. Is that the sun coming out…? I think it might be…And I think Sacha Baron Cohen’s movie has also arrived just in the nick of time.


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