There’s something strangely familiar about this place…

November 17, 2006 at 1:07 am (Uncategorized)

I love airports. Not as much as I love hotels, but then, that would be difficult, as I am completely obsessed with hotels and motels, from an architectural, literary and social point of view. Naturally airports and hotels are obvious companions, but even alone the airport is a compelling space.

Right now I am at Sydney’s domestic terminal, waiting to board a flight to Tamworth, country NSW. I’m going on a press famil for the weekend, which should be pretty damn cool. I’ve already stood in several queues to get to this point, and no doubt there’s one more waiting for me at the gate. There’s a group of us, but I don’t know anyone and so have seized the  moment to tell anyone who actually reads this blog about my love affair with airports. I always like to arrive early just so I can spend more time cruising around soaking up the general uncanniness of the space that both is and is not like every other airport on earth. So much fun to be had staring at other travellers and wondering about their stories and their destinations. Who and what is waiting at the other end? Let’s go and find out…



  1. Mike said,

    I’m with you on this one — must be a wierd virgo thing. We always get there hours early too.

    Why so many lines? Can’t they just do it all at once – one big long caterpillar from front doors to departure gates, no liquids, gels, gasses, oils, water, dandruff and other various skin flakages, don’t breathe, make sure you’re bags aren’t over 23kg, please take the far aisle and you’ll find your seat in the section full of screaming babies and people who clap when the plane lands.

  2. doctordi said,

    Llew and I discussed the merits of one long queue ourselves when we found ourselves stuck in a ridiculous line to get out of the airport that we had to stand in even though we had nothing to declare. I think the truly outrageous thing about these customs queues is that those in charge seem to see it as a badge of honour: the bigger the queue, so the logic goes, the BETTER OUR VIGILANCE IN THE WAR ON TERROR. I mean, really, come on, people, get a grip.

  3. Mike said,

    Having said that, tho, touched down last week at 6.40am, we were out in a taxi by 7am — 20 minutes from touchdown to taxi (and I’m talking international). Touch down to front door in 40 minutes — is that a new record?

  4. doctordi said,

    I just don’t understand. Is that really possible??? A record? That smacks of urban myth, my friend, the stuff of legend, passed down from generation to generation, recalling a simpler, happier time. This is SYDNEY, right, not Launceston? I’m stunned. Heartened. Jealous as hell.

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