Affluenza Virus Strikes Sydney, Wipes Out Thousands.

November 21, 2006 at 2:37 am (Uncategorized)

I have already talked about Italian style in an earlier blog. It’s all very nice, and very high-end, but in the end it’s all a bit homogenous, too. By the end of the holiday, neither of us was overly impressed simply because there was so little evidence of individual flair, not to mention a real absence generally of small boutiques selling unique designs. At the time, we felt a little bit of smug pride, certain that Australia delivers a little more in the way of young designers, and that the general population more or less has the ability and inclination to dress as individuals.

I stand corrected. At the Australian Open, there was a golf spectator’s uniform just as generic and yawn-inducing as anything we saw in Italy. Again, it’s not like it’s BAD FASHION, it’s just disheartening when any one brand or any single look becomes so dominant it loses all sense of difference and interest and becomes BANAL, BANAL, BANAL. I’m talking about Ralph Lauren, the look du jour. I literally lost count of all the Ralph Lauren polo shirts, but I can tell you men, women, and absurdly, expensively dressed toddlers were all proudly strutting their uniform as they lurched from one hole to the next or holed up, no pun intended, at the clubhouse.

The thing about uniforms is that they are designed to convey some kind of information about the wearer. Like “this is an employee of this store,” or “this is an Australian cricketer.” What Ralph Lauren polo shirts convey is “this Ralph Lauren top cost me a lot of money. And so did this monogrammed Ralph Lauren cap. And so did my Ralph Lauren chinos. All of this clearly makes me better than you, so get out of my way. My outfit means I belong at the golf, with my kind, and you don’t. Oh how I wish they just wouldn’t let you in unless you’re wearing Ralph Lauren like me. It’s just so much easier to recognise the suitable spectator from the riff-raff this way.” Well, tossers, I think you all looked ridiculous and desperate and hopelessly arriviste in your identical outfits. Not so exclusive after all, eh?! How irritating it must be for you, how CONFOUNDING, now your once aspirational label has become so blatantly…um, how you say “mass market”? I could but laugh, and amend my position on Australian style, because it looks like the join-the-affluence-dots uniform is flourishing here after all. Pity.


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