It’s hot, damn hot…

November 22, 2006 at 10:47 pm (Uncategorized)

Yesterday was a scorcher in Sydney, about 38 degrees, I think. Much hotter than that and they send the kids home from school. Luckily we live by the beach, so I was able to have a couple of crisis swims. A haze settled over the streets of my suburb, an unmistakable, hot and reddish smoke that can only mean one thing: bush fires. The bastard about these terrible and sometimes fatal forces of nature, and sometimes the consequence of shocking human stupidity, is that the brutal heat is often accompanied by a mighty wind. The combination is breathtaking in its power and fury. It’s one of the ways we talk about the weather: “Feels like bush fires today.” Is it a particularly Australian thing to be able to almost sense a bush fire kind of day?

Yesterday, Cas and Jac and I got back from an afternoon dip (I’m never doing that again – they both have these perfect bikini bodies and I felt like a lumbering sow next to them with my memories of Italy displayed so abundantly around my waist). We were having a glass of wine in my courtyard, when massive flakes of ash started to land on Cas’s arm. Keeping in mind we’re nowhere near a forest, don’t you think that’s amazing and eerie and peculiar? I remember the same thing happening in Bondi, and it just blows me away that the ash from so far away can travel so effortlessly through the air all the way to the ocean, and totally transform the air until you can see its colours. This is summer in Sydney for me.


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