It’s on. Rudd VS Beazley. Finally.

December 1, 2006 at 2:06 am (Uncategorized)

The best news I have had in ages is that earlier today, Federal Opposition Leader Kim Beazley called Kevin Rudd to a leadership challenge. Yippee!! The leadership ballot takes place on Monday, and my money (although I am not a gambling woman) is on Mr Rudd, or K-Rud, if you like, a man with a much brighter future and no doubt more singing talent than the erstwhile K-Fed.

It’s not that I have anything against ‘ole Bomber Beazley. It’s just that I don’t believe he’ll beat John Howard. He’s already proven he can’t. Twice. And beat John Howard Labor absolutely must, if they are to rescue this country from the iron grip of that arch-conservative madman. I’ll give Howard top marks for shrewd politicking, but I’d rather pluck out my eyes than see him win another election. He does not represent me, as I have said before, and I do not share his vision for this country and its rather confused, apathetic people. I think most Australians feel so jaded about politicians they just don’t give a damn anymore. But they should care, we should all care, because little by little Howard is eroding the small l liberalism that has long underpinned the national character.

I think we’re basically decent, as a nation. I think we’re basically welcoming of difference. I think we’re basically fair-minded. But we’ve been so lazy, too, about protecting those values, and we’ve done sweet bugger all to stop that man from pushing his nasty little agenda right through our homes and schools.

Well, this is it. I believe Kevin Rudd is the best chance for Labor to end Howard’s reign. I believe there are many Australians like myself who are searching for a genuine alternative. It’s a real shame Cheryl Kernot jumped ship on the Democrats because they were that alternative for a shining moment, and then she shagged Gareth Evans and joined the Labor Party and her party tanked. Such a shame. So whilst I have some fairly major issues with the Labor Party, what I will say is they’re all I’ve got right now when I look around desperately for someone, anyone, to stop the cultural transformation Howard is so busily undertaking. And I do believe Kevin Rudd is the man for the job. I think I’d be inclined to vote for him whatever party he was in, because let’s face it, it’s not Labor and Liberal these days so much as moderates and neo-cons. Give me the moderates ANY DAY, and get me off this ride before I’m sick.



  1. Mike said,

    I’m just so gobsmacked that the little toad won twice already — though toady doesn’t represent us, perhaps we’re not representative of the ‘avrige strayan’ anymore. Maybe that’s what our population is now: beady little eyes that only see the hip pocket (and even then being fooled into believing that it was toady who has orchestrated everything good that has gone on — wake up people)

  2. Mike said,

    PS. I’m going for K-Rud too, it’s our only chance to stop this amBUSH !

  3. doctordi said,

    I was having this exact convo last night, actually, Mike. I was saying to some uni mates that it has taken me a reeeeally long time to realise I am not, perhaps, the “typical,” “representative,” “archetypal,” “average” Aussie I have always thought myself to be. There’s a lot of true blue Aussies out there who keep voting for Howard…which I just don’t get on any level whatsoever. I think it does have a lot to do with minding their own business and their own back pocket – I really think the national apathy is a head in the sand response to basically all the issues of the world today. It’s like if we pretend none of it is happening, and if we refuse to stand up for anything at all, ever, if there’s just a kind of national stasis, then our way of life won’t be adversely affected by anything happening beyond our own cherished little cul de sac. Well, balls to that.

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