Happy days are here again…

December 5, 2006 at 3:13 am (Uncategorized)

The skies are full of cheer again…Yes, m’ man K-Rud won the leadership ballot. I toasted his victory (no reason not to warm up now for the next one) last night with friends, and I felt optimistic about the next election for the first time since…oh, the last one. I also felt genuinely bad for Kim Beazley, who just can’t win a trick (or, crucially, an election). He must be so bloody disappointed. I actually got a lump in my throat thinking about him just after I heard the news yesterday. As Llew said, he may well be the best prime minister this country never has. But it was never going to happen, and if he really wants to see his party win the next election, then I hope he finds some comfort – maybe not today, but eventually – in the idea that he has helped that outcome along. I hope he remains on the front bench – it would be a loss to the cabinet if he bowed out to lick his by now considerable wounds.

I just hope Labor can get over their crushing factionalism. It is so unhelpful and beside the point and puerile. I just can’t bear it. It renders them so ineffectual, and completely preoccupied at a time when they should be at their most effective. That idiot Tanya Plibersek recklessly slagged off the Rudd challenge in time for the weekend papers – and to what end? The challenge was mounted, the ballot went ahead Monday, and Beazley lost. All she succeeded in doing was laying out for all the media outlets in big fat capital letters the bickering divisiveness of the party – nice job, Tanya. Say what you like behind closed doors in a party meeting, I really don’t care, but please, please exercise just a fraction of common sense beyond your own limited and selfish agenda and think about how that kind of outburst affects your party. You know, the party that hasn’t been in power for over a decade? The party that keeps losing elections that can’t be lost? Yeah, that one. Maybe we should rename Labor the Titanic party, so they might at least start learning some of the bloody lessons of their history. Tanya Loudmouth Plibersek should not have come out swinging at Kevin Rudd and his supporters. Not to the media, anyway. Again, if she’s got grievances, air them within the party meetings, not by blah-blah-blah-ing inter-party insults to the press. Not if she’s a member of the Labor party, anyway. Because stupid, ill-conceived antics like that play right into the hands of the bad man. It hurts their chances, and finally they’ve actually got one. Now, let’s see what they do. Julia Gillard was quoted in Saturday’s SMH saying “the Australian people are actually crying out for a new style of leadership.” Well, she’s got that right – now let’s see what they can do about it.


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