Say “Cheese!”

December 6, 2006 at 2:29 am (Uncategorized)

Llew and I got our holiday snaps back on Friday night (thank you, Flic!). To be honest, I was a little worried about them. Llew became a snap-happy, possessed demon throughout Italy, and we have a film camera, a Leica, that we love deeply but don’t understand (it reminds us of each other). The combined result was 14 rolls – yes, 14 – of film that might have all completely sucked. I could hardly bear to look down once Flic placed those six kilos of photos in my arms like I’d delivered a hefty new born baby.

Some very pleasant surprises. It seems sometimes we do the right thing, and sometimes we do not. If I only knew what it was we did sometimes and not others, then all those blurry, out of focus images would be a thing of the past. Unfortunately the most common scenario for a dodgy shot is when we try and get in the photo ourselves. It doesn’t seem to matter who’s taking it. Llew, myself, Kate, Stuart, a complete stranger, a child, or the automatic timer, it really doesn’t matter. They’re all blurred.

Or they’re missing. Llew swears he saw – “I’m telling you I SAW IT WITH MY OWN TWO EYES!!!” – the one and only photo we had taken of us leaning against our rented Alpha Romeo in Positano on the Amalfi Coast. He says he saw it among the photos on Friday night, and I say don’t forget it was in Positano that you had your eyes tested. He now wears glasses. Who would you believe? I certainly didn’t see it Friday night, or Saturday morning when I sat in bed glutting myself on them all over again. I love photos, it doesn’t even matter whose they are or what they’re of, and having so many of this last trip is actually pretty cool. If you’re going to go photo mad, you could do a lot worse than unleashing the beast in Italy.

We took a gondola ride with Kate and Stuart in Venezia, and it was like a mini photo shoot, with both couples posing and swapping and posing again. Everyone took a turn with the camera. It was a flash frenzy. And do you think there’s a single photo of Llew and me on the gondola together? Just one, blurred or otherwise? Nooooooo. No, of course not. They’re just gone. I know the photos were taken, but apparently none of them made it out alive. So now we have lots of romantic photos of Kate and Stuart, which is absolutely lovely, but also a little odd.

Tokyo? Best we don’t mention the Tokyo photos. Whatever skills we picked up in Italy we clearly left on the plane. The Tokyo photos are, like the three days we spent there, a complete blur. It’s a shame, because you can tell that had they been in focus, some of the tuna auction shots at the fish markets would have been awesome. Would have been, could have been, should have been. But not. Oh well, we’ll just have to go back and try again…


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