Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside…

December 19, 2006 at 2:41 am (Uncategorized)

Clearly one of Sydney’s biggest advantages is that it is possible to work downtown and live by the beach. It is lifestyle all the way in this place. Lots of people don’t live anywhere near the beach, of course, and the population centre of Sydney is actually out in the land-locked west, but the fact remains many people who work in Sydney live in beach suburbs, all the way down south as far as Wollongong, and all the way up north as far as the Central Coast. I don’t personally recommend either of those commutes, but god knows people do it.

We live by the beach. I thoroughly recommend it. It is a ‘Thing to Do in Sydney’ – in fact, it’s one of THE things to do in Sydney. If you check out some rental prices by various beaches, you’ll quickly discover it doesn’t even cost much more than living in the hot, airless inner west. Buying is the same deal. I can only assume there are lots of people out there who just don’t like sand. Otherwise I don’t know why you wouldn’t at least investigate, whereupon you will discover an apartment in Narrabeen is probably only going to cost you around the same amount as an apartment in Strathfield. Hmmm, big decision…

And if you can’t or won’t live by the beach, then you sure as hell spend every summer getting there as often as you possibly can. En masse. It is invasion of the day trippers from December 1 until after Easter. I used to live one street back from Bondi Beach, and I can say with absolute confidence that there are days when you’re hard pressed to find the room to unfurl your towel. Bondi is the urban beach par excellence – so close to town I used to walk home from work every day. That’s a decent stretch of the legs, granted, but absolutely manageable, and a damn big improvement on the excruciating torture chamber that is the dreaded 380 bus service.

Beaches are synonymous with Sydney. In my books, that’s a very good thing. Beaches are amazing, and swimming in the Pacific every day before work, and after if you choose, is just about the most refreshing, restorative, therapeutic thing I can possibly imagine. That big old open Australian sky is matched only by the ocean’s awesome stretch out to the horizon. Lovely.


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