I Haaaaate What They’re Doing to My Town.

December 21, 2006 at 6:04 am (Uncategorized)

I just found out from Jack Marx’s Sydney Morning Herald blog that some property developer BASTARD is going to demolish Barons in April 2007. Barons is an INSTITUTION. A bloody legendary dive very, very close to my heart. I love Barons. Barons is one of the spare few watering holes left in THIS GODFORESAKEN TOWN that has any atmosphere, any history, any charm, any VALUE that is not determined by dollars and cents. Oh my god. I could actually cry.

Sydney seems to have some kind of serious, pathological aversion to preserving its heritage. A few years ago, Frank ‘Let’s tear it all down and blow the lot to smithereens’ Sartor took a running leap at the Museum of Contemporary Art, an art deco building that sits over Circular Quay. He wanted it gone. Fuck off, Frank, Sydney finally managed on that occasion to shout. But would you look at that man’s legacy? Wall to wall eyesores, as far as the puss-weeping eye can see. The number of CRIMES AGAINST ARCHITECTURE in this town really beggars belief. When I think of all the gorgeous sandstone buildings that were so casually destroyed downtown in the 1960s and 1970s, I get emotional. Really emotional. And really angry, too. Their erasure is a criminal loss, and I wish, dearly wish, it was a criminal offence to be responsible for it, too. Especially when I am so constantly confronted by the physical evidence of their folly. Wow. What an “improvement,” if by improvement you mean A FUCKING TRAVESTY.

Property developers should not be the arbiters of our architectural landscape. They are not interested in preserving our history. The useless pack of fucking bastards in government at state and federal level just stand aside to wave developers through, allowing all manner of WILFUL DESECRATION of our history-keeping and our aesthetic character with a smile, a nudge, and a wink. Thanks, current Mayor Clover Moore. Nice job preserving what little is left of any interest whatsoever in the City of Sydney. Why don’t we just raze the rest now and get it over and done with? I am delighted to see that what my vote apparently gets me is a ringside seat to a mass construction zone. Developers seem to have everyone in a position to DO SOMETHING held tightly by the twisted balls. That’s extremely SHITHOUSE, people, because developers are only interested in making money and cutting costs and cramming as many people into their endless apartment blocks as possible. It’s an ugly, ugly, ugly cannonball run motivated solely by greed. And I mean ugly, inside and out.


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