A New Year’s Resolution…?

January 2, 2007 at 2:21 am (Uncategorized)

I feel completely compelled to try to direct what small traffic I can to the award-winning (I think – definitely award-nominated) Baghdad Burning blog

Please look at this young Iraqi woman’s experience of the war. I think one of the devastating things, reading it over time, is seeing her harden right before my very eyes. The early posts show a very concerned, intelligent, completely fair-minded individual struggling to reconcile her personal, cultural, highly developed code of ethics with the American invasion. It is heartbreaking to follow these posts through to the present day, when her heart is so exhausted and wrenched apart by witnessing civilian deaths that she now can’t feel the empathy of old with the Americans who are bringing home their own dead.

Her latest post interrogates the reporting of Saddam Hussein’s hanging. I do not agree with capital punishment, so I am not one of those “celebrating” the death of Saddam, although I do believe he was a terrible dictator. I just don’t believe executing him is cause for jubilation in any quarter. It horrifies me that anyone, anywhere, can greet news of the killing of a human being with glee. And I do not agree with the war in Iraq. I challenge anyone to read Baghdad Burning and still make a decent case for this war. Will 2007 bring a resolution to this conflict? Is resolution even possible? I hope so, on both counts, because I would like this young woman, whoever she is, and her fellow Iraqis (indeed, people everywhere), to enjoy the peace and prosperity I see all around me, and which, in case you’re wondering, I do pause to appreciate every single day of my life.



  1. Mike said,

    Can’t wait until the coalition of the gullible war criminals are brought to trial (though not holding my breath).

    Americans just don’t get it (well, the ones at the top anyway). They don’t rule the world. Not everyone wants their breed of “””democracy””” (ha! had to put that in triple air-quotes).

    Someone wrote the other day: “It’s so sad, 2007 years later and we’re still just as barbaric, no more worthy of humanity, than back when ‘jesus’ was around” (or something like that). Not that I’m into the big J or anything, but the phrase still is pretty poignant, I find.

  2. doctordi said,

    I know. The arrogance at the top is breathtaking. And quite frankly our collection of political jackasses is no better, just less powerful (it’s a small mercy, but I’ll take it).

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