So Tired of the Bullshit.

January 24, 2007 at 1:15 am (Uncategorized)

Christ Almighty, I am so sick of the tabloid press in this country. Actually, I’m not even sure the broadsheet press is, on certain issues, faring any better at all, but at least the lone voice of Jack Marx at the SMH clearly has their number.

Why is the Daily Telegraph (for one) inciting racial divisions? Why aren’t our media bodies answerable to any kind of regulatory body? Why are they abusing the hard won ideal of a free press? It makes me sick to see the gross cynicism of some of these inflammatory headlines.

This flag beat-up is just another load of shit from reckless editors hoping to start a paper-buying spree. The Tele’s headline yesterday was something like ‘Big Day Out-rage‘, with a subheading in bold, block letters calling on people, good old “ordinary” (gee, what does that mean…?) Aussies, to take their flags out in protest of the “ban” (there’s no ban). Give me a BREAK.

If anyone had bothered to check with the Big Day Out organisers, they would have found out, very, very easily, why they have asked people to leave their flags at home. They’ve said it very clearly on their website for all the simpletons who might be a trifle confused, so I’ll put the link here.

Of course, The Tele didn’t want to check with the organisers, and neither did John Winston Howard, and neither did Morris Iemma. If they bothered to get their facts straight, they’d quickly realise it’s not the story any of them is after. There is a story, though, it’s just not the quick-hit wave of rhetorical BULLSHIT that’s currently being pumped through everyone’s ears and eyes.

The story is this. There are some people who have taken to using the Australian flag to symbolise a particular set of “Australian values” (another grossly over-used and misapplied pearl in the arsenal). This set of “Australian values” is based on the notion of exclusion. You either embrace and represent this elusive set of oddly unnameable values, or you don’t. You’re either a Proud, Top Aussie in the Tradition of the ANZACS, or you’re not. You’re either in the smug club of aggressive, overwrought, excessive nationalists, and naturally a wildly enthusiastic flag-waver, or you’re not.

And if you’re not, so the pathetic, so insultingly PUERILE logic goes, then you’re just plain old un-Australian. And on Australia Day, there’s nothing worse you can possibly be. Short of a terrorist, that is, which, if you don’t want to kiss the flag and wrap yourself in one for the day, you must certainly be.

WHY OH WHY aren’t politicians and editors looking at the story underneath all this crap? Why aren’t they asking themselves and the rest of the country how it came to be that for some, the flag has come to symbolise intolerance, racism, hatred, and violence? Why aren’t they asking themselves and all of us to consider why it is they have leapt to condemn the event organisers, but not the people who have taken the flag and abused its purpose so shamefully, in the Cronulla Riots, and at last year’s Big Day Out, and on many other occasions when a kind of white supremacist attitude seeps out onto the ground like spilt blood? Why isn’t anyone calling that kind of exclusionary aggro un-Australian? Why isn’t anyone examining the fact that, much to my horror, it patently isn’t un-Australian at all?



  1. Mike said,

    Because this crap appeals to basic instincts that even morons can understand, hence garnering a majority of the gullible population.

    It is VERY Australian to be a fraidy-racist-bigot, I’m afraid.

    It’s all about me and my kind, Jack. She’ll be roit maiyt, as long as the people not exactly like me can be looked down upon so I feel better, thereby filling the void of self loathing that I would otherwise feel if I couldn’t put someone else down and really get a good look at what a bigotted moron I am.

  2. doctordi said,

    There’s certainly a worrying and recurring theme emerging, isn’t there? I feel like we’ve been here before.

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