Say it isn’t so…

January 25, 2007 at 1:11 am (Uncategorized)

In a week where we have already had to wave a fond farewell to the Pulsarnator, this latest demise really seems too cruel. Our dishwasher is dying. It’s haemorrhaging water. One might, if one was wanting to give an accurate picture, even describe the water-letting as a complete flooding of the kitchen.

I’ve tried stopping it with a snugly fitted towel. I’ve tried pausing the cycle and peering in at the sudsy mystery that is its internal operations. I’ve tried ignoring it and sort of willing it better. Nothing. No change. If anything, the flooding seems to be getting worse.

You might not think losing a dishwasher is any great casualty, but I beg to differ. Do you have any idea how many hours of my life have been sacrificed to the washing up? I actually shudder to think. I’ve always given a lot of dinner parties – this past year has been the biggest drought on record, for some reason we just didn’t have a lot – and this is the first time – THE FIRST – I have ever had a dishwasher at home (London doesn’t count because, whatever that ridiculous thing was, it was the size of an underwear drawer, and our table was the size of the kids’ table at Leggoland, and the fridge was fit for a pigmy, so there were no dinner parties there, ever).

I also have obsessive compulsive tendencies I’ve had to reign in over the years, so I don’t like dirty dishes piling up like so many sour accusations. I can’t just leave it all there, and it freaks me out that people can. Must get rid of the dirty dishes. And with the dishwasher, you just pack it all away and shut the door. Gone. Lovely.

Having a dishwasher, which we excitedly inherited from Llew’s parents when they upgraded a couple of years ago, has literally improved my quality of life. This is particularly the case because I work from home. This doesn’t make me a happy housekeeper. It makes me someone who works from home. People seem to get a little confused about this, so let me spell it out. I work from home. And that doesn’t mean I have a full time job as a housekeeper (although I know on some level Llew secretly hopes it does). Certainly I do a lot of our housekeeping – and it quickly, scarily morphs into a full-time job if I don’t control it – but it’s not the purpose of my being here. I’m at home to write, and so write I shall, housekeeping, bill paying, cooking, cleaning, watering, washing, mail sending, diary keeping, and all ’round household managing be damned.

So the dishwasher is a crucial aid. It helps me work from home because it saves me a pile of time. It helps me work from home because when everything is in it, waiting for a full load, I don’t see it piled up next to the sink like a snide denouncement. It helps me work from home because it reduces my procrastination tools, of which the washing up was once key.

I’m not going back, you know. I’m just not going back there.



  1. RB said,

    Dear Di,
    I have a lovely new boyfriend who does all the dishes. He insists, really, even when he cooks. I’m under instructions not to touch them when I’m alone with them. I realise this maybe due to the “new” in “new boyfriend” but I’m enjoying it. 🙂 Life is blissful.
    PS. Any chance of a repairing the old or acquiring a relatively new dishwasher soon?

  2. doctordi said,

    Establish those patterns of behaviour early, I say, RB!! And since he’s volunteered this (might I say startling and enviable) precedent himself, I’d say you’re home free (no pun intended)!!

    Yes, Llew’s very good at fixing things, actually, so there’s some hope for a complete recovery. If the current machine is not to be resurrected, we shall definitely be spending some time with our noses in the classifieds. The only thing we definitely WON’T be doing is living without a dishwasher… x

  3. RB said,

    When I told M about my comment he was quick to point out that a dishwasher is among his plans for the future. I even like his long term planning…
    Good luck with the dishwasher repair/search. What about Pulsarnator?

  4. doctordi said,

    Handy AND smart – I like the sound of this guy, RB!

    The Pulsarnator’s condition is, unfortunately, terminal.

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