Howard’s Hubris

February 20, 2007 at 12:38 am (Uncategorized)

I’ve made no secret in past posts of my acute dislike of Australia’s current Prime Minister, John Howard. And this blog excitedly embraced the new Opposition Leader, Kevin Rudd, when he took over from Kim Beazley last year. I believed then as I believe now that Rudd is the better chance of beating Howard, something I am desperate for the Labor party to do at the next election. The good news is I am apparently not alone, according to the latest Newspoll results.

I would love this Howard’s End to be ignoble. I would love to see him go down in the feverish, licking flames of disgrace. A really spectacular blaze that burns on and on through the ages. I’d love to see history remember the man (who refuses to remember history) as a national embarrassment, as someone slippery and small and cunning, who took the country unawares in an unguarded moment, and then spent ten years modelling it after his own image. Oh, the efforts it will take to undo the damage he has done.

A robust economy does not a nation make.

What is it to be an Australian now? Who are we? Of what stuff are we made? Are we fair or foul?

I emailed Mr Rudd last year the second I learned his leadership bid was successful. I offered him my heartfelt, and I mean that literally, I felt it in my heart, congratulations, and I offered him my full support. I said I wanted Australia to be reacquainted with its better self, and I said I hoped that during his campaign, he would trip over millions of Australians who felt the same way. He personally emailed back, thanking me for my kind words of support. I intend to keep repeating them, in public, as often as possible, just in case it helps.

I hope similarly disposed Australians are still out there in the numbers I used to completely take for granted. I hope the time for this rampant, misguided, underestimated, altogether destructive promotion of absolute self-interest from the top down is drawing to an overdue close. Howard’s election-sensitive volte face on Guantanemo Bay inmate David Hicks is absolutely nauseating. His utterly repellent, continued sucking of an idiot president’s dick is the biggest source of cultural cringe in this country since Kylie Minogue released The Locomotion. His outrageously misplaced, inflammatory comments linking Barack Obama, the American Democrats, and the terrorist network Al Qaeda is one of his more insane diplomatic blunders. His highly developed cynicism is boundless, not to mention insulting to the intelligence of the average voting Australian. He will, I believe, finally be brought down by his breathtaking hubris. I’m starting to mark the days on the calendar as I eagerly watch it happen. Go Kevin Rudd, your time is now.


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