“Anyway, more about me…”

March 1, 2007 at 2:13 am (Uncategorized)

I was having a lovely hot chocolate at a cafe around the corner yesterday, watching the rain and writing to young Timothy, my ex-office mate who is currently carving up the corridors in the academic wilds of West Chester, USA, when two men sat down at the table next to mine. They did a synchronised, textbook double-take – people can’t seem to quite believe their eyes when they come across a letter writer these days – and then turned to each other and started talking.

Loudly. Really loudly. The one sitting next to me, in particular, was being much louder than necessary. He seemed to think he was the Personality Man of the pair, laughing at his own jokes, cutting across his companion with a variety of stunning witticisms that just couldn’t wait, adjusting his position every couple of seconds so we could all admire him from every angle. Yes, he was quite the show pony. His companion seemed more…actuarial , definitely not a limelight kind of guy. He seemed very concerned about some kind of liability insurance, and responded to The Life of the Party’s constant stream of unfunny comedic riffs with tight, calmly indulgent smiles. You know the ones – mothers get them all the time when their children do something mind-numbing for the millionth time and turn around looking for a fresh round of applause.

Mr Loud Mouth made sure he announced several times, very early on, that he was a freelance cameraman, and he seemed absolutely desperate for everyone in the cafe to know about it. He works in – gasp! – TV. Yes, TV. Talk about impressive. I was hoping for an autograph, but I just couldn’t bring myself to ask. All that TV talk was just too intimidating. Gosh, chasing ambulances? You legend. Gee, first on the scene? What a star.

Everyone’s got a job to do, I understand that. The man has to make a living somehow (but why not call the bingo…? His voice projects so wonderfully well…). Still, talk about blah-blah-me-me-blah-me-blah-me-me. A true man of his times, wouldn’t you say?


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