A Less Than Stella Performance

March 12, 2007 at 6:23 am (Uncategorized)

Stella McCartney has today launched a line of clothing through selected Target stores in Australia. Affordable designer clothing is generally the stuff of fantasy and rather frightening Boxing Day sales, so, of course, the women of Australia (or rather Sydney and Melbourne) flocked to Target and cleaned out the racks with alarming efficiency this morning. It all seems to have taken place with a piranha-like, flesh-eating zeal that says as much about the female buyers as it does about the clothes themselves.

Read The Sydney Morning Herald’s description of the frenzy at Bondi Junction. I laughed a knowing little laugh when I got to the article’s pointed reference to the fact that some of the women were entering Target for the very first time in their entire lives. That’s right. Until Stella McCartney said it was okay, they wouldn’t be caught dead in Target. But now that the magical presence of Stella’s designs has given Target the nod, these same women have spent the morning fighting, clawing, and gouging their way in just to get close to a Stella McCartney trench.

Of course, Stella herself is staying as far away from us for as long as she possibly can. I read an article on the weekend that said she’d come to Melbourne but promptly left again for Paris instead. Well, I’d do the same thing myself given the choice, so no hard feelings, Stel. She is reportedly contractually obliged to come to Sydney for the official launch sometime this week, but she’s opting to keep that as close to the wire as possible. In and out. Just long enough to grit her teeth and do what must be done. Oh…I see… just like the eastern suburbs grand dames who have this morning rushed the Bondi Junction Target store like it was a physical challenge on Survivor. There’s a real ‘Oh god, must I?’ attitude pervading both visits. And do you know why? Because those women think they’re better than regular Target shoppers, and Stella McCartney thinks she’s better than them.

The reluctance, the slight embarrassment of being seen rubbing shoulders in these less than salubrious, distinctly non-Parisian surrounds is almost too much for everyone. Stella has had to flee to Paris to fortify herself with European gorgeousness before hitting the neon lights of Target later in the week, and all those society gals have no doubt raced home with their navy and grey trench coats for a hot shower, since that inaugural visit to Target has left them all feeling slightly unclean. I have heard people talking about the impending arrival of the Stella stock, and the women quoted in the SMH article have echoed similar sentiments, which suggest that although it means (heaven forbid) going to Target, “it’s still worth it.” As if it’s a huge personal sacrifice going in there, in the way that fighting the spread of fascism in the trenches of WWII was “worth it” despite the horrific number of Allied and innocent dead.

Seriously, we need to get over ourselves. If only we could get as worked up and as passionate about things like children in detention, corrupt politicians, disastrous foreign policy, and the untold damage our boundless consumerism is wreaking on the environment and our ethical rather than fiscal economy as we can about a new fashion label hitting a few select stores. Some of these women might have even camped out overnight (no doubt also for the first time in their lives). And I’m as guilty as the next person – I lobbed up to Martin Place at 4 am to queue for Lou Reed tickets, don’t forget – so I am talking as much to myself as to anyone else reading this. Don’t you think there’s something wrong with us? Don’t you think there’s something wrong with this? If the West cared even half as much for our fellow human beings as we so evidently, abundantly do for our ever-expanding wardrobes, the world would be a vastly different place. But we don’t, and it’s not. Pity.

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