I Like to Watch…

March 14, 2007 at 11:47 pm (Uncategorized)

We don’t have a television. People tend to think this is slightly eccentric, but it’s actually a monumental relief never sitting through hours and hours of advertising and abysmal programming. That’s just not part of my day. I know we do occasionally miss out on good things, but I’ve seen enough TV to know I’m never missing much. But we do have a projector, and we both love movies.

The projector is awesome. We have white walls, so we just play DVDs directly onto the lounge-room wall. It’s big screen entertainment in the comfort of our own home, and I love it. I love it easily as much as some people love their flat-screen TV, so there’s nothing Amish about our way of life. We’re visual junkies just like everybody else.

Anyway, last night we watched The Departed. Excellent cast, riveting movie. And I must say although it’s appalling it took so long, I am really relieved Martin Scorsese finally got that Oscar for a great film, rather than as a consolation prize because everyone knew he’d been waiting too long. Imagine if he got it for something like A Good Year, which looks like self-indulgent crap. What would his equivalent be…? Perhaps one man’s personal quest for self-discovery in A Good Fella. Or maybe the warmhearted, coming-of-age, modern day fable Gangs of New Year. Hmmm. Maybe Martin would never make a movie like that, but you never know. Being a bridesmaid but never a bride can do strange things to a man. Figuratively speaking.

But now he’s got his Oscar and we never have to know if he would have eventually punished us all with his version of that hog movie that’s out now. You know the one. Lots of old men riding motorbikes and, inexplicably, not to mention implausibly, Marisa Tomei. No, Martin’s free to keep making good movies, and long may it continue. I loved The Departed. It was so tense, so corrupt, so bleak.

And I don’t know what Leonardo DiCaprio is eating but it should be available on prescription. He was not only fantastic in the role, he’s become an absolute bruiser. Look at the size of the man. He exudes power now in a way that is both vulnerable, in that I-don’t-know-my-own-strength kind of way, and powerful, as in I-am-a-killing-machine-don’t-fuck-with-me. It’s incredibly charismatic. He has really filled out as a man and a talent. I thought he was equally compelling in Blood Diamond, so it’s great to see him leave behind the heavy manacle of that sinking ship once and for all. Go Leo.

And what can you say about Jack? He does always get all the best lines, but then… well, he deserves them.

The only thing missing from my movie-watching pleasure last night was a Special Features DVD to go with the main feature. Or any Special Features at all. I guess we’ll have to wait for the Oscar-winning Director’s Cut. Take your time, Marty, take all the time you need.


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