Five Good Reasons

April 10, 2007 at 4:22 am (Uncategorized)

I should finish my AGNSW round-up before I talk about the Easter long weekend, so here’s some reasons to go and see the Tezuka Osamu exhibition before it closes (at the end of April, if memory serves):

1. It costs twelve bucks without any concessions. That’s pretty good value.

2. It looks like it is a travelling exhibition organised by the National Gallery of Victoria. In line with my post of a few days ago regarding the Melbourne gallery’s Australian Impressionism exhibition, I hope people support the Tezuka Osamu show so that the NGV will be inclined to continue to send stuff our way.

3. It’s amazing to see the steady increase in acceptance of comics and manga into mainstream definitions and exhibitions of both art and literature. I don’t know that you can really appreciate why this is happening until you check it out for yourself.

4. It’s just plain cool. I’ve already mentioned Tezuka’s manga interpretation of Crime and Punishment in an earlier post. There’s also one called Ludwig B., about a character based on Beethoven. But there are so many other characters that warrant a closer look, and I’m curious to learn how many of Tezuka’s manga titles have been translated into English editions. Can I buy, for instance, the whole Human Metamorphosis series in English? What about Phoenix? I’m going to find out, because I’d like very much to read them cover to cover.

5. These manga comics are a way into not only a particular artist/writer’s mind, but into his culture, and his time in history. I’m intrigued by the extent to which being Japanese influenced Tezuka’s work, and how Tezuka has, in turn, influenced the work of comic book illustrators and writers everywhere since. I like points of intercession, and there’s plenty of them in his work and in this particular field, which incorporates spatial, visual, literary, philosophical, and even musical aspects of creation in its production. Comic strips will never look the same again, trust me.

As for Easter, what a lovely time with friends and family. Lots of cooking, eating, drinking, laughing, and swimming, plus a bit of running, and even a gorgeous spot of sailing. Lucky am I. I hope everyone had a happy and safe few days away from the grind.


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