A While Between Raves…

April 19, 2007 at 2:01 am (Uncategorized)

I know I have given living by the beach rave reviews in the past. I know it. And I know people get sick of hearing about it. Truly I do. But I just have to tell you about my morning. I can’t help myself. I know I am like a crazy beach-living evangelist, but I have to spread the word.

It started at about seven, when Llew and I went across the road for a swim in the surf together. We both get in the water at least once every day, but we don’t always go together, especially not first thing. No, I’m a cup of tea and the paper in bed kind of girl, so I sometimes just can’t be arsed going as early as Llew needs to go. I wave him off from somewhere deep in the doona and go back to my cuppa. But this morning, lo and behold, was one of those rare mornings when I open my eyes and feel instantly awake. Usually it takes me a solid half hour of denial and regret to finally accept the day and my part in it has begun. Not today. Today I was clear, present, and accounted for. So I got up with Llew and we went for a swim together.

Lovely. You know how I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that the water’s really warm at the moment? Well, that window is closing, it’s already a degree or so cooler, so hurry up and go swimming whilst the going is still this good. Llew got ready for work then we walked down to the ferry together, stopping to get a couple of very good takeaway coffees and the latest copy of the Big Issue from our vendor Peter along the way. We took our caffeine hits down to the water, harbourside this time, and drank in the gorgeous Sydney views along with the coffee. I said goodbye to Llew and walked home along the beach promenade.

Then I went running for an hour. It was the perfect morning for it. Some high cloud cover and a light sea breeze kept the temperature down, but the sun was still catching the water and the sky was at its vast, blue best. People were already out basking in it. The mothers with prams, people sitting down to breakfast al fresco, walkers, cyclists, volleyballers, photographers, and artists. It was all happening out on the beachfront this morning. After my run, I went for my second swim of the day to cool off. Divine. Again. And after a run it’s simply the best thing one can possibly do. Guaranteed.

Then I came home, ate a banana, made a fresh pot of coffee on the stove top and started work still wearing damp swimmers and a sarong. Does it actually get any better than that? Personally? I doubt it. I just can’t imagine how it possibly could. In case you haven’t noticed, I really think everyone should try living by the beach, a beach, any beach, at least once in their lives. It just kicks arse.


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