Fabulous Favela

May 11, 2007 at 1:23 am (Uncategorized)

Wednesday ended up being a pretty full day. After the lunchtime seminar at the Lowy Institute, Llew and I went and had a coffee at Intermezzo in the GPO (one of my favoured coffee spots, as you might recall), and had a great debrief about the talk. Llew also had something of an epiphany at the Institute, and so we talked about that, too, and its postgraduate study implications. Very exciting stuff.

Llew went back to work and I went up to the State Library. I stayed there doing some research for the rest of the afternoon, then Llew and I met up and walked to a function we were attending in the Cross.

Treble Cone Ski Resort in New Zealand had a season launch party, organised by David at Wasamedia, on Wednesday night at Favela, a relatively new restaurant and bar at 1 Kellett Way, Kings Cross. It’s opposite the back of Barons, which seems to have been given some kind of reprieve as it is still operational despite the closure date having come and gone. I’d read the review of Favela in Good Living a little while back, but had never been in there before.

I liked it. It was quite crowded with the media pack, Treble Cone people, and I think some Qantas types, so it was a bit hot, but it’s a great split-level space with a sunken dining area on the lowest level and a huge communal table opposite the kitchen next level up. There seemed to be a mezzanine level, too, but I didn’t go up there and therefore can’t confirm its existence to the average punter.

The big thing I will say about it – aside from the fact it’s quite a cool joint – is that the food was bloody great. Favela has a tapas-style menu, but the food is not at all Spanish. It’s much more Asian-influenced. We had delicious morsels all night long – crunchy, zingy betel leaf fillings, excellent mini steamed pork buns, scallop and prawn dumplings, house-made spring rolls, really delicately crumbed king prawns with an Asian dipping sauce – I was blissed.

Great food. Really, really good food. I would absolutely go back there and pay for the privilege. So add that to your little list of places to go because we can never have too many of those.



  1. david Wasserman said,

    we are loving the DR Di blog. The guys over in NZ are now hooked tuning in every day to see what life has in store for you.

    Many thanks for your kind words on behalf of TC, Favela and myself.

    I am juggling numbers for trips over to NZ this year and will let you know in the next couple of weeks when and if I can get you over.

    I know if it happens all the staff at TC would love to meet DR Di in the flesh

    cheers Dave

  2. doctordi said,

    Hey, Dave – thanks for dropping in! And thanks again to you and Treble Cone for a top night at Favela – how can this be work??!!

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