Taking My Mind for a Brisk Walk Around the Park…

June 21, 2007 at 7:48 am (Uncategorized)

Today’s one of those days when I find it difficult to concentrate on any one task or thought for too long. I made scones this morning for some friends who dropped in for an early morning tea, and I think the simplicity of that little burst in the kitchen is a good indication of what I’m up for this Thursday. My too-hard basket is brimming over today with all the things I just can’t tick off my list of things to do.

So I thought I’d tell you some of the random things that have been going through my mind. One is that I’m still really, really jealous of Amanda Vanstone’s new and cushy gig as our Ambassador to Italy. She’s currently learning Italian in a quaint village in the Tuscan countryside (would that I were, Mandy Vans, would that I were…).

Another is that I simply can’t believe people in Lahore burnt the Union Jack and effigies of Queen Lizzy and poor old Salman Rushdie because he was offered a knighthood in recognition of his contribution to English Literature. Apparently some Pakistani government minister suggested that Rushdie’s receipt of this honour justifies suicide bombings…Que? How’s that again? Sorry, what?

And then there’s the Texan crowd who beat a man to death…He wasn’t even driving the car that hit the child, he was with the guy who hit the child. Driver drives off (“Thanks, buddy: you stay here and create a diversion whilst I make my getaway…”), child goes to hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, and crowd beats driver’s friend to death. Again, I can only say what? It’s crazy stuff, this whole news thing. I’m not sure I want to know.

Oh yeah, and I love a wedding, so it was very nice of the SMH website to provide some paparazzi shots of Erica Baxter and James Packer’s wedding in Antibes, France today. Go ahead, helicopter, get right in close…Invade their privacy and drown out their vows, if you will, because I want to get a load of what the bride’s wearing and what $100,000 will buy in a dress…Oh and look, there’s Sarah and Lachlan Murdoch lounging pool-side the day before the wedding…My, don’t they look lovely and tanned and relaxed and…loaded. What was that saying again…? Money doesn’t buy happiness, but it upscales misery so nicely. And then there’s Dorothy Parker’s quote, which goes something like “I’ve never tried being a millionaire, but I bet I’d be just darling at it.” Me too, Dottie, me too.

Then there’s the question of how I go about procuring more freelance work. I’m also wondering whether or not it’s time to throw in the creative towel and get a full-time paying job like the rest of the world. Then I wonder how my MS is going out there in the big wide world of that big bad competition, and I wonder about how my dream agency is going over there on the other side of town, and I wonder if that publication will reject my short story tomorrow or next week or maybe the week after… And then I’m wondering how much time I’ve got left, how much blissful ignorance I’ve got in reserve, before those damned inevitable rejections start littering my mailbox and ravaging my morale. I wonder how many there will be, and I wonder how many I can handle. And I’m thinking about the new idea I had on the weekend. I’m thinking about the start I made on it yesterday. I’m wondering about the details, and the structure, and I’m trying to get it all a little clearer in my mind.

Then I’m wondering how everybody else is doing today. People I haven’t seen in a while. People I never hear from unless I contact them first. People I do see and do hear from – on days like today, I think about practically everybody. It’s a big reunion in my head.

It’s been one of those days where I’ve had to let my mind bound on ahead – sometimes it’s just no use trying to yank it back hard on that leash. Sometimes I’m better off letting it go for a big mad galloping run until it wears itself out.


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