July 2, 2007 at 4:50 am (Uncategorized)

Man, am I tired today. My brain is all fuzzy and my eyes are drooping out of my head (I accidentally wrote ‘bed’ first off, which just goes to show what I’ve got on the brain). The weekend was not exactly of the moderate variety, and I am too old for this kind of tomfoolery. Sleeeeeepy…

Friday Matt was down in Sydney from Port Moresby. This is always dangerous, but we were surprisingly civilised this time around. Llew, Matt and I had a couple of drinks upstairs at Shore Club, a really cool Manly watering hole overlooking the ocean and the Norfolk pines. Then we wandered home with a couple of bottles of wine for dinner, including Matt’s too-generous contribution of a Wolf Blass reserve the guys in the bottle shop were comparing to Grange. I’d made my own variation of Jamie Oliver’s fish pie for dinner, which I served with roasted vegetables, and the three of us had a lovely night in catching up. We only went through two bottles of wine between three – nothing – but that Wolf Blass hit me like an absolute tonne of bricks. I’m not sure if it was the effects of the full moon or some kind of preservative in the wine, but after Matt went home, it suddenly occurred to me that both Llew and I were absolutely wasted like a pair of unsupervised teens. Wiped out. I actually had to send Llew to bed. And despite drinking lots of water in an attempt to ward off the full effects of the stuff, the next morning I awoke parched out of my skull and with a RAGING hangover. I thought expensive wine was an antidote to the dreaded hangover, but apparently not. I felt like a collapsed scrum.

Yes, that was my not-so-subtle segue to my Saturday night watching the Wallabies win against the All Blacks. An excellent and altogether surprising result. I hadn’t even remotely expected us to win. We set up the big screen in a corner of the courtyard and fired up the barbie, and a dozen of us hung out at our place for the game and a bit of a catch up. It was an all-Aussie rugby menu: french onion dip (easiest recipe in the known universe), BBQ Shapes, pies, sausage rolls, and a sausage sizzle. Oh and Sarah brought over a slab of Wagyu beef that Llew turned into melt-in-the-mouth wasabi skewers. Incredible. And we had chocolate cake and coconut slice from Flic and Mirella to complete the greedy guts picture. Once it was all over, a scene of utter carnage lay before us, and Llew and I thought we’d better have another bottle of wine whilst we contemplated the clean-up. Somehow, that pushed our evening out to 3 am. Like I said, ouch.

Jumping in the surf Saturday and Sunday helped tame the tyrant, so by the time Llew’s parents turned up with yum cha for lunch, I allowed myself to think I might get away with a glass of wine at lunch. Just to be sociable. You understand. Just one little glass of wine. Except then we thought we’d better have more. And more. And after Katie and Peter wisely made their escape, Llew and I continued to feel very thirsty indeed.

Now my thirst is of a very different variety. I need water. Lots and lots of precious, life-giving water. And I need a pillow. And a darkened room. Unfortunately I have a client meeting in town this afternoon, so bed will have to wait. What were we thinking?! One night of drinking is mad enough. Two is just asking for trouble. Three is certifiable, and I’m pretty sure I have new grey hairs on my head that weren’t there when the weekend began. The good news is we’ve now polished off all the alcohol in the house, so we might actually get some sleep tonight.


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