When a Bad Day Gets a Whole Lot Worse

July 10, 2007 at 12:37 am (Uncategorized)

Sorry about the absence of a post yesterday – more technical issues beyond my control. I have plenty to tell you, too, especially about Love-Lies-Bleeding, the DeLillo play currently showing at the Sydney Theatre Company. We bought tickets for opening night months ago, so it was like a big treat in reserve. I’ll write a whole post about it, but in short: go see it. It’s fantastic.

I’m glad they didn’t ask to see any ID when I got to the theatre box office on Saturday night because I didn’t have any. My wallet left my employ without notice last Thursday night. I used it at 9:30 pm, and thought I put it in the plastic bag as I left the shop. Then I walked directly home. I didn’t need it again until about 4:30 pm Friday, which is the first I knew of its being gone. One question that will continue to plague me is how did I lose it? I checked the plastic bag and it was intact. The only other explanation is that I left it on the counter at the shop, but they don’t have it.

It was a sickening moment when I realised my wallet wasn’t in the house. Sickening on several levels, the first being that our fortnightly grocery money was in it. In fact, I found out my wallet was gone when I went to do said grocery shopping. Yes, over two hundred clams in cold, hard cash. That was enough to make me want to cry, because we can’t afford to lose our grocery cash. Then there was the new Ferry Ten and Bus Ten passes. We budget by outlaying for our known expenses upfront every fortnight, and because last Thursday was payday, my wallet was teeming with the predictions of the new fortnight: food, bills, transport. Then there were my membership cards, my learner’s licence, my keycard and my Visa card. A block of my business cards, too, so whoever picked up my wallet is a thief.

This is the other thing. I can’t figure out how I could have lost it, but at a certain point a lost wallet becomes stolen, doesn’t it? Someone picked it up and failed to return it. That’s theft. And I just struggle to understand that my wallet wasn’t met by the kindly visage of a curious good samaritan leaning down for a better look – what are the chances? I believe the majority of people would do the right thing. Unfortunately, whoever scored my wallet did the wrong thing. It wouldn’t cross my mind for even a second to do anything other than hand in a wallet that wasn’t mine, and I feel sad that the karmic world wasn’t on my side on this occasion.

It’s not really the money, although that really winded me, two hundred bucks being a lot of money and intended to fund our feeds for two weeks. No, it was that the wallet had huge sentimental value. After failing to find anything of above-average interest in Italy, I finally found my new wallet in Tokyo on our last day of holidays early last November. It was so unusual. I haven’t seen anything like it here, and I really loved it. The leather was camel-coloured, the wallet itself quite large, and it had the decorative detail of a red chilli in a clear plastic circle over the clasp. It sounds stupid, but it was cool. So I know whoever picked it up – or took it somehow, I know it happens – really hit pay dirt. They got my lovely wallet, and everything inside I couldn’t afford to lose. Bummer. Such a bummer. And I was already having a pretty lousy day on Friday, so this quite frankly fucking sucked.


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