Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are…

August 10, 2007 at 6:33 am (Uncategorized)

I think the end of winter is nigh. The lengthy period of hibernation appears to be at an end. I’m not sure if it’s because the weather in Sydney has been glorious for the past couple of weeks or if it’s just time for the universe to start getting jiggy with it, but suddenly the social floodgates have reopened.

It’s all to do with next weekend. Specifically, Saturday 18 August. I have only left the house a handful of times since maybe March. In that time, the invitations to do anything with anyone have been few and far between. Llew and I have spent whole months doing nothing every weekend. This is a fate we have not fought, since it coincided so beautifully with our bank balance. Indeed, we have embraced the quality time at home and with each other. We have nested. We have read books, rented DVDs, played chess, and purchased clean-skin wine by the case in order to keep ourselves amused on the cheap during those dark and stormy nights. In short, we have hibernated. But now the winter thaw is over, and spring seems to have sprung a couple of weeks early this year.

It started with a dinner invitation. Michael and Ben asked us to their house on the 18th, and we accepted. All was well, and I used ink when I wrote it in the diary. We were all set. It all seemed so simple. Then Mark called. If required, could I go to Macau on a press famil between the 16th and the 20th…? Hmmm. Damn, I thought. Dinner at Sarah’s on the 17th has been in the diary for months. Dinner at Michael’s on the 18th was such a coup as we don’t see enough of them. But work is work, and Macau is Macau, so I alerted my friends as to the possibility, and awaited confirmation one way or another on Macau.

In the interim, an email from Sam arrived. “Screw your responsibilities,” it implored a large group of us, “and just get yourself down to the pub.” When? Saturday the 18th, of course. Then Cas and Simon returned from their holidays newly engaged. “Wonderful news!” I exclaimed. “When can we celebrate with you?!” Saturday the 18th. “Terrific! Perfect! Oh. Except maybe I’ll be in Macau…” In the meantime, I go back to Michael and Ben and say “Look, guys, even if Macau falls through, I will have to cancel dinner, because we really can’t miss Cas and Simon’s engagement.” We pull another date out of the hat and I ink that into the diary, too, in bold and with a big circle around it.

Macau falls through. A bit disappointing, because that would have been really very exciting, but a huge relief, too, because now I can try to do some of the things I was supposed to do next weekend. I email Sam: “No can do, have an engagement bash.” I email Sarah: “Is it too late to reinstate our dinner date at your place with Sheena and Dom?” I email Cas: “Yay! Macau is off so Llew and I will both be there next Saturday!”

An email arrives. It’s from Katie: “It’s my farewell! Come say bon voyage!” I shrink away from the screen instinctively, sensing the truth before I know it. Then I can’t bear the suspense, and I read on. Imagine my lack of surprise to find out Katie’s saying her fond farewells to Sydney next Saturday, 18 August.

Anyone else? Seriously. Come on, now. Roll up, roll up. Please own up now if you have something up your sleeve for next weekend. Out with it. Maybe a BBQ…? A birthday? Any more farewells we should know about? What about a christening? Or a dinner party? A new restaurant you’re dying to try? Who needs a reason? Because clearly all roads lead to Saturday the 18th of August. I don’t know what you’re doing next weekend, but I’m sure I’ll see you there.


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