Giddy-up, Horsey…

August 23, 2007 at 2:00 am (Uncategorized)

Last weekend, Llew and I headed to Taylor Square for Cas and Simon’s engagement party. I’d heard only good things about the new Will and Tobys (yes, I know it should be Will and Toby’s, and yes, it drives me INSANE that they haven’t corrected this infuriating punctuation error in their branding. Knock yourself out with lower case, but don’t leave out apostrophes because then you just look stupid), so I was excited about seeing a decent bar up close. It doesn’t happen very often in Sydney these days.

I liked it. It’s a pretty sexy room, and they have this unbelievable horse lamp I really wanted to ride all the way back to my house. It’s a life-size black stallion, with a lamp. Hard to picture, I’m sure, but we all had to go up and stroke it. I fully expected someone to leap on its back before the night was out, but it turns out Will and Tobys is much too civilised for that.

It’s just a really simple but effective job. Quality finishes and a kind of Upper-East-Side-apartment aesthetic means it’s quite a dislocating place – it feels like Sydney, but not as we know it. Its elevation over Taylor Square means it also enjoys views that feed directly into that sense of being elsewhere – it’s quite clever, the way they have harnessed the space.

I don’t love communal bathrooms – girls like to talk about secret women’s business and reapply makeup in toilets, both of which explicitly preclude the company of men – and Will and Toby have a really strange, verging on fetishistic obsession with plunging their bathrooms into the deepest, deepest dark. It’s the kind of inky black in those toilets that makes said makeup reapplication a rather chancy operation at best. Shed some light, boys, please.

Whilst there celebrating the betrothal of our lovely friends, Llew discovered the venerable Tom Collins cocktail, whilst I enjoyed several flutes of sparkling wine. Will and Tobys Taylor Square is that kind of place. You feel like men should be dapper and women should be divine.


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