Happy Birthday to Me

September 19, 2007 at 7:46 am (Uncategorized)

Sorry there was no post yesterday, especially since we have now officially passed the 5,000 view mark – well done us! Thanks everyone, it’s really quite exciting (as you can see I modify my ambitions in line with the passing years!). I didn’t blog because I was in “the zone” – I was redrafting my MS for hours upon hours and then Llew came home and I thought ‘Wow, another human being. Does he seriously expect conversation?’ – because believe it or not, when I haven’t spoken a single word to a single soul all day, it takes me little while to get my vocal groove back. I just gape at him a little gormlessly for a while and then mutter some inanities under my breath to get back in the swing of things before dinner. Anyway, it was a good, productive day, and I am starting to think about more ways in which I might change and/or improve the MS before I send it off for a professional MS appraisal. Wish me luck.

So. Today is my 35th birthday, and it’s really getting away from me. I’ve had a lovely day – it’s glorious, for a start – flowers, breakfast in bed, books and a new moleskin notebook from Llewie, a nice long run, a swim in the surf, lots of phone calls, texts and emails, lunch with my in-laws, who have safely returned from their road trip around WA, a mani/pedi combo that kept me out of trouble for a solid hour, and the purchase of my birthday jeans, Llew’s ‘real’ present, which he hasn’t seen yet but which I am confident he’ll love. You know you’ve found the right jeans all right when high school girls trying on formal gear comment in the affirmative once you step out of the change rooms. Teenagers have a super-radar that detects mutton faster than a border collie. If they thought I was dressing below my age demographic, I might have seen them sniggering behind their sequins in the reflection shot. But no, I got unsolicited endorsement from the perfect youth, so I hauled my 35 year old arse straight over to the register and said “I’ll take these, please, and hang the expense.”

Oh, how I love a good birthday… I might just have to wear my fabbo jeans (they’re by an LA label called J & Company, in case you’re interested, and when the hell did denim start costing this much??) around the corner for my little birthday dinner with the usual suspects from the ‘hood…It’s a modest affair, because it is a school night, after all.


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