I Am One Spoilt Brat.

October 10, 2007 at 9:18 am (Uncategorized)

Sorry about the absence of a post yesterday. For the past week I have been editing a large business textbook, and because we had plans last night, which I’ll get onto in a minute, I just didn’t manage to get everything done. And I’m sorry today’s is so late coming – it’s a few minutes off 7 pm, so too late for anyone in Sydney. I just had a really solid day of redrafting my MS, though, so I’m hoping you’ll forgive the tardiness.

So, to last night. Tamsin and Sophie had told me they wanted to get together so they could give me my birthday present (I know – the loot never ends!). After a couple of intriguing red herrings (it’s a long story, but there was a horrible moment when I thought they’d bought me driving lessons…), we ultimately met (with our three husbands) at the Argyle at the Rocks for a couple of drinks before dinner at Zia Pina’s. I liked the Argyle. I’d never had a drink there before, but Llew and I did go in for a bit of a look one afternoon during one of our rambles around this fine city. I imagine it’s filthy when it’s loud and crowded, but on a Tuesday night the atmosphere was very relaxed and the old bones of (what I think was originally) a trading store means it’s got character in spades.

Next to Zia Pina’s, a bit of an institution when it comes to dining in the Rocks. I hadn’t been there for years, but I’ve been going there since I was a teenager. It’s an old fave, and a good place to get a pizza late at night. So in we tumbled, claiming our table upstairs and frantically ordering as many pizzas as the table could stand.

At a certain point during dinner, Tamsin presented me with my present. It’s a hardcover volume of a selection from this blog’s first year. It’s a proper book, put together using the ‘momento’ program, the brainchild of two of our friends. It starts off with the ‘About Doctor Di’ page, and then it covers the period from commencement to August this year. I don’t know how Tamsin – and I think it was Tamsin who championed this gift and therefore did all the work on it – decided which posts to include, but it’s certainly a pretty comprehensive collection, and it was amazing flicking through the pages and seeing old posts brought back to life. In fact, the whole thing was amazing.

Of course I cried. Each month is separated by a page of photos taken at the scene of the crime (my office). I don’t even know how or when they managed to take these photos, and the fact that they did so in the service of this gift… well, I’ve already cried about it again today. It just overwhelms me. It’s without a doubt one of the single most thoughtful things I have ever been given.

I’ve always known Tamsin, Sophie, Ruben and Dan were great friends. I think they’re all fantastic, and I am constantly delighted by the endless privilege of being their friend. They make me laugh until tears spring to my eyes – different tears to the one I tried to control last night as I sat there holding my gift. You know, I’m someone with a pretty dysfunctional past. There are members of my so-called family who want nothing whatsoever to do with me, and there have been times when that rejection has really taken the wind out of my sails. But then when I think about just how good I’ve got it, just how great our friends are, I realise all over again that I am just about the luckiest girl in the whole world. They are just so generous and thoughtful in spirit and deed. So thanks, guys, this one is for you.


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