Pass Me a Bucket Before I Throw Up.

October 12, 2007 at 6:11 am (Uncategorized)

Just when I think John Howard has hit the absolute limit – this must be some kind of world record for rabbits out of a hat – off he goes proving yet again he really is the most shameless political animal in existence. Shameless. It stretches the limits of my credulity just how shameless he really is. Where does it end? I don’t know – it feels like, horror of horrors, he’s only just getting started. Christ only knows where we’ll be by the time we hit the voting booths (I find it hilarious that Howard’s delayed announcing because he’s been waiting for an improvement in the polls. That’s starting to look as likely as the Scientology spacecraft turning up to take Tom Cruise up, up and away into warp speed). What next, John? What other stomach-churning, self-serving, power-mad plot twists have you got up your crusty green & gold sleeve?

Because this one’s a cracker. JUST HOW STUPID DOES HE THINK WE ARE? Does he really think no one’s going to reflect upon his decade-long woeful record on Indigenous affairs – his limitless indifference and truly harmful myopia – and think it’s a trifle odd, and wholly transparent, that he’s put a constitutional amendment recognising Aborigines as Australia’s original inhabitants on the table now? Now, when he and his party are clutching at the sides of the political life-raft like… like… gosh, like children overboard a boat. OF COURSE Aborigines should be recognised as Australia’s original inhabitants – they are Australia’s original inhabitants! It is so grossly overdue, like so much of Johhny-Come-Lately’s interest in Indigenous injustices generally. Of course no one is going to challenge or criticise the amendment itself – it’s high time this one symbolic gesture, at the very bloody least, was extended.

But MAKE ME SICK you do, John. You really do. Because you just can’t help yourself, can you? You just can’t help being the political creep that you are. Nothing makes me shudder with revulsion more than reading your belated and insincere pieties about reconciliation. It makes me sick. You make me sick. You’ll try for any advantage you can, at anyone else’s expense. It’s gross, and I just don’t want to have to listen to it anymore.

Oh, and p.s: Our artful dodger is at it again with the historical revisionism, another special pastime. To be frank, I am still trying to get wrap my mind around the idea of John Howard dictating the Australian History syllabus or else withholding school funding… can this really be what he announced, or has the media lapsed into hysterical hyperbole? I’m not being facetious – I really want to know. What’s the truth of this? It does sound so incredible even I – at this point accepting he will truly stop at nothing – am having difficulty believing it. But Bill Leak’s cartoon in The Australian today sends a cold chill through me – maybe everything I’ve read is true…But it can’t be, can it…? Can it?



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