And They’re Off…

November 5, 2007 at 11:54 pm (Uncategorized)

No post yesterday, sorry people – but I did have a cracking day redrafting my MS, just a very good, concentrated day’s hard grind. Although I am starting to have some pretty severe thesis flashbacks. Doing a PhD ran along fairly similar lines in the endless revision department. You think you’re done… and you’re not. Then you think you’re done again… but you’re still not. And just when you think you’re finally finished… you’re nowhere near the end. I think that prior experience is holding me in good stead now. I think otherwise I might have been in danger of underestimating what is required, and how many times drafting a novel requires it. As it is I know it will be someone else, not me, who ultimately says ‘stop working on it,’ either because it has broken free and entered the world of books, or precisely because it hasn’t.
In the meantime I think these changes are also improvements, so I’ll keep shaping it like a much loved board.

For a lot of Australia, today’s noteworthy for the Melbourne Cup, and one of the sad things about working at home alone is that I am utterly excluded from the frenzy of Melbourne Cup lunch activity that’s going to bring the nation to a halt in, I predict, another hour or so. Everyone’s going to be long-lunching it today, or if not everyone, most people I know. It’s kind of a bummer not having colleagues to play with on a day like today. Not that I am a betting woman. I’m not. I don’t know anything about horse racing and that’s just the way I like it. But today is different. Melbourne Cup is one of our few truly Australia-wide annual cultural events. It’s like the whole country is out to lunch today, so that makes it very social, and very fun. I should know – I’ve been to some absolutely blinding Melbourne Cup lunches in the past – lunches that have lasted well past dinnertime. I’ve even had the occasional win in the sweepstakes, which has given me a reason for all that bubbly on the day…

I don’t know which horses are racing and I wouldn’t recognise any of their names if I did, but I do know that the Equine Flu destroyed the Spring Racing Carnival, and that its cancellation had a devastating affect on everything from the big business of the horse racing industry to the small business players of publicans, fashion designers, and milliners. Since these smaller guys in particular have such a tough time anyway – textiles manufacturing in Australia is a mug’s game these days – I hope they in particular have a great Cup today, and that everyone who is into these things has thrown on their glad rags and is planning a big day out.


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