The Property Whisperer

November 14, 2007 at 8:15 am (Uncategorized)

I’ve been out of the office all day, sorry kids. It was all to do with property. I don’t know if I’ve really talked about this very much on this blog before, but like many Sydneysiders, I’m obsessed with property in all its myriad guises. The rest are mainly just pretenders, though, whereas I’m the real thing. I’ve always been obsessed with it. For as long as I can remember, space and architecture have fascinated me, and as I’ve gotten older and tried to direct these interests into some sort of utility, I have found residential property really very compelling. I have lived in sooo many places that I really do have some basic idea about what works and what will make you suicidal, but it turns out I have also been very lucky with property, and it’s this luck that led to the way I spent my day.

Basically, now that I already have my dream apartment (and it’s so nice sharing it with the bank), which Llew and I think is pretty fantastic (so fantastic all we really want in life is to buy the one upstairs and turn this into a seriously kick arse terrace), I have turned to the needs of my friends, and I am dedicating at least some of my leisure time each week to scouring the property sections of the newspaper searching for their dream apartment. As crazy and single white female-ish as this sounds, I do really enjoy it. I’m endlessly fascinated by the photos of other people’s homes.

“I love their furniture,” I’ll say to Llew, shoving the paper in his direction.
“Look at their view, would you? It’s incredible.”
“Jesus, get a load of those curtains…”
“That room would give me migraines.”

On it goes, my little “prop comm,” or property commentary, until I have fully glutted myself on everything that’s for sale in the greater metropolitan area, or at least those areas where my friends are looking.

This habit of mine has already resulted in one sale. I was engaged by a friend living overseas to find him a place in Manly. I did. It’s great and I think it was even a bargain. The potential of the place is huge. Llew was jealous we weren’t buying it. I inspected it, contacted my friend, and the whole thing was done in about 48 hours, which is a day longer than it took us to close the deal on this place. We are decisive about these things, as you can see. It’s either what you want or it’s not. If it’s what you want, then what exactly are you waiting for?

Another friend is currently overseas on a holiday with her parents. The Saturday after she left, I eagle-eyed a place I thought was perfect. So I emailed the details through – AAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!! YIPPEE!!! SHE GOT IT!!!!!! Just got the phone call from Paris to say she got it! Sorry, will finish this tomorrow, right now I need a glass of champagne!!!


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