A Blog for Man Town?

November 15, 2007 at 1:55 am (Uncategorized)

Ouch. Well, I celebrated all right, toasting Sarah’s auction win over a bottle of bubbly with some friends at Manly’s wonderful Japanese restaurant Minato, and I am feeling it today. Luckily the run and swim shook off the worst of it and as I did my obligatory lap this morning, I got to thinking. I’m actually starting to wonder if I should dedicate this blog entirely to the goings-on of Manly, since so much is happening and since, well, it’s such an utterly fantastic place to live. Named for the manly bearing of its original inhabitants (seriously), I feel like Manly really justifies such a project, and perhaps this blog is the place to do it… except ‘Doctor Di’ doesn’t say anything about Manly… maybe in honour of its naming I should start a blog called Man Town…which is what a few of us call it now anyway. Would you still come to read the posts if they were focused solely on Manly? I wonder. Please comment if you can be bothered, I’d like your opinion before I change course.



  1. kate said,

    Dear Doctor Di,
    I come for your thoughts on a subject, not the subject itself. Besides, if you build it they will come! Best of luck, Kate.

  2. doctordi said,

    I’ll take this and the email I got from another regular blog visitor – who’s apparently come over all shy – as a thumbs up… Man Town is GO. Thanks, Kate!


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