Mackellar MP Bronwyn Bishop, You Are An Absolute Disgrace.

November 23, 2007 at 12:22 am (Uncategorized)

Imagine my surprise when during my usual breakfast and cup of tea ritual in my courtyard this morning, during which I catch up on local news with the Manly Daily, I came across this headline on page 5:


For those of you not in Australia, the ALP is the Australian Labor Party, and (hallelujah) they look like they’re going to win tomorrow’s general election and finally end the long, wretched reign of John ‘I want power’ Howard. Bishop is a Liberal MP, and she’s thoughtfully distributed a ‘warning’ to her electorate by way of an advertisement and letter to voters. The Manly Daily reprints some its contents, and I think you too will find them interesting:

No matter how much Kevin Rudd tries to make the Labor Party look and sound like the Liberal Party the fact is the Labor Party is based on collectivism. Collectivist parties range on a scale from National Socialism (Nazism), International Socialism (Communism) down to Fabianism and our own brand of Labor’s socialism, and this philosophy stifles the individual growth and attainment of young people.

Oh dear, Bronwyn. I don’t even know where to begin untangling all the levels of offence here. First let’s start with the incredible and entirely rogue connection Bishop tries to make between Nazism and the Australian Labor Party. Hopefully the majority of Australians will be voting for the ALP tomorrow, but at the very least many will. And the suggestion that those voters – on Bishop’s logic – have Nazi-style sympathies is so deeply offensive, ignorant, appalling, and enraging that I don’t even know how to properly articulate and direct my disgust.

It’s frightening just how low she’s prepared to go to try and drum terror into the hearts of her constituents. Terror and the idea of terror have, I grant you, Bronny, worked very effectively for your party in the last couple of elections. I suppose it’s not surprising that you’re dipping into that Magic Pudding once more. But it’s ironic, really, that you talk about the stifling of individual growth and attainment of young people, when it was actually your party that did such a bang up job of detaining children in refugee detention centres (I’ve been to Villawood Detention Centre, and it is a prison), and of introducing draconian laws that are mighty stifling when you consider people can be held without charge and without access to counsel on alarmingly spurious grounds, and of spectacularly ignoring the plight of our Indigenous children for eleven years right up until it became an election pitch. Individual growth and attainment of young people really only concerns this current Liberal party if they’re the right kind of young people. You know the sort: white. Oh, and ideally wealthy and privately educated. They’re the only young people that count, they’re the Ordinary Decent Australians you guys constantly invoke aren’t they, Bronny? Admit it, you bigoted snob. You make me ashamed, and I’m genuinely embarrassed for the many good, sensible, broad-thinking, inclusive Liberal voters out there who still remember what your party originally stood for (if he’s still speaking to you, you might want to ask Malcolm Fraser to give you a quick refresher course). My husband is one of them, and you and others like you in the current Liberal Party have lost him (and I trust many more) precisely because of incendiary bile like this.

Oh, and by the way, Liberals involved in this week’s pamphlet scandal: you didn’t satirise racism, you only demonstrated yours.


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