Back in the Hot Seat

January 2, 2008 at 4:54 am (Uncategorized)

And I mean literally as well as figuratively – man, is it STEAMING in here this afternoon! It really took Sydney’s weather a while to slap on its summer suit, but it has arrived full of searing intent. Please coat yourself in factor infinity, and please don’t even think about lying out there for half the day cooking your tender flesh. Please. And I am hardly what you’d call lily white, mind you. I never, ever, ever sunbake and I always wears sunscreen, but somehow I’ve still ended up kind of looking like I live at the beach (which, as it happens, I do, but you know what I mean). Anyway, this skin tone phenomenon has turned me into something of a sunscreen evangelist. Watching people simmer every day as I go about my beachside business has made me a little prone to the occasional anti-sun rant, so let me say here and now that if you are contemplating so much as a walk to the shops in this heat, lather up, buttercup.

And so begins 2008 in Australia, very much with a climbing thermometer, high fire danger and plenty of bang of the pyrotechnic persuasion. Of NYE I can only say I emphatically hope the year is better than our evening… Just before we arrived for a swanky Cowper Street Wharf do, our beloved party hosts were flooded, electrocuted and evacuated from their apartment, one of them ending the year 2007 in hospital hooked up to all sorts of machinery for monitoring. She’s expecting their first child and was the one who copped the electric shock for her trouble. It’s the kind of night that leaves even the hardiest hostess shaken, not stirred, so needless to say the party was off. So very, very thankfully, everything appears to be all right with the baby, and our friends are recovering now with family as their apartment gets set to rights. What a scary end to last year for them, and a traumatic opening day of 2008. Llew and I simply returned home and marked the New Year with gin and tonics in our courtyard, enjoying our neighbour’s bagpipe skills as he (most impressively) belted out Auld Lang Syne at midnight. After that, it became the night we called it a day.

Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow – shall we dance?


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