Mac Maintenance

January 24, 2008 at 11:53 pm (Uncategorized)

Sorry about the absence of a post yesterday – I am having issues with my computer. I’m not the only one currently on an endless round of doctor’s appointments – my computer is also ailing a little (who can blame it, after what it’s seen?), so today I am taking it into the shop for a bit of emergency surgery. This may mean no post on Monday, either, because it’s a public holiday (the Australia Day long weekend, no less) so I may not be able to collect my phantom limb until Tuesday…or it may be ready for me to take home this afternoon with a few jelly beans and a sandwich. Who can tell? I’m certainly not even going to bother trying to hazard a guess.

So bear with me, if you will, and I’ll be back up and running next week. In the meantime, I’ll just mention that I’ve nearly finished The Power of One, and I have one overriding impression so far: racism offends me to my core. I think the themes explored in the book, including accepted South African attitudes in the middle of last century toward white supremacy and apartheid – presented as matter-of-factly as they are to maximum, devastating effect – quite successfully serve to demonstrate just how insidious and vile racism in all its guises truly is. I must say, as cheesy as certain elements of the book undoubtedly are, some of the harshest scenes and exchanges of dialogue have been incredibly hard for me to read. More than once I’ve been so disturbed I’ve had to put the book down. So we’ll talk more about all this, if you don’t mind, once I’ve finished the novel and once my poor little baby is all better. I also want to talk about the demise of the Democrats in Australia, so don’t let me forget.

There, there, little Mac, there, there…


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