Moving Day

March 7, 2008 at 2:47 am (Uncategorized)

My friend Sarah moved into her first home yesterday. It’s been a long time coming. She grappled with the hellish Sydney real estate market, she sacrificed umpteen weekends to the war effort, she suffered disappointments at auction and indignities at open inspections. And then she left the country. Late last year, whilst she was away, I saw an apartment that looked and sounded like what she was looking for. It was a case of unrealised potential, which kept the price, whilst still monstrous and absurd, what we in Sydney now grimly call “reasonable.” Our place was the same, and not a day goes by without my praising the property gods for allowing us to see what this place could be. So I was undeterred by the bad curtains and obstructive partial walls. They could always go (and now they have). After enlisting my and another friend’s assistance, Sarah arranged to bid on the property at auction. Her locally-based friend did the honours, and how. The place was purchased, and we all lost a bit of sleep waiting for Sarah to return home and see just what on earth she’d done.

It was not pretty. For a few agonising weeks, I was well aware that Sarah was not loving her purchase. If we were talking about an impulse buy at a dress shop, this would be irritating but no big deal. When it’s possible to describe said purchase in terms of a percentage of a million dollars, it’s a very big deal indeed. Talk of the place’s potential rang a little hollow; it’s a terrible thing to feel at least partly responsible for someone else’s significant debt.

But vindication finally arrived in the form of an interior designer who walked in and showed Sarah very clearly what the place could be. That was the day the tide turned. I remember it very clearly – a weight lifted from Sarah’s shoulders and thus from mine. She sounded genuinely enthusiastic – excited – for the first time since seeing the place straight off the plane (with a cast of expectant thousands. Never a good idea. I was very glad to have skipped it). The relief was huge for me, so it must have been seriously gargantuan for her.

Work began immediately upon settlement and proceeded apace. And finally, yesterday Sarah moved in. To say the place has realised its potential seems an understatement. It looks so awesome I can honestly say it has well exceeded even my always optimistic expectations. It’s a terrific first apartment, and a really sound investment. My confidence in my own tipping abilities really wavered and even collapsed in those few weeks of Sarah’s disappointment. Now I can breathe easily and feel glad all over again that we did what we did when we did it. It’s got a lovely feeling about it, and it looks amazing. And perhaps it will be a happier home for having started life as such a Cinderella… I hope so. We had a lot of fun yesterday, my dear, dear friend and I (plus others throughout the afternoon and evening), unpacking and arranging and discussing and celebrating. And the look of simple happiness on Sarah’s face as she proudly surveyed her domain was absolutely priceless. Congratulations to the home owner, from one bloody relieved home hunter.


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