And They Call This Work?!

March 30, 2008 at 4:23 am (Uncategorized)

To my lovely regular readers, I am so sorry for the paucity of posts the past week (just a small surge of alliterative energy, there…). My sole defence is that I have been busy. Busy with the manuscript redrafting and busy with freelance writing commissions, all of which are very exciting. One is a travel assignment, so I’m afraid the slim pickings will continue into the coming week, as I’m flying to Vanuatu tomorrow morning. I know. It’s outrageous. Don’t worry, I think so too.

Here I am on a glooooorious Sunday afternoon sitting at my desk because I knew I wouldn’t get another chance to post until next Friday when I return (well, I get back Thursday in fact, but since I am going straight to a meeting to discuss a speechwriting commission – see, I told you it was all very exciting! – I know I’ll just want to drop my bags and sink into the couch by the time I get home. I did just want to let you know what’s happening so you’d know I haven’t abandoned my, er, post. As it were.

In other news, the fourth draft is coming to a close. Also terribly thrilling. Once I upload this, it’s straight back into it. Ideally, I’ll knock over the last of it today and tonight…There’s still quite a lot to do so we’ll have to see how I go, but I’ll give it a nudge at any rate!

So… see you back here next week for the post-Vanuatu debrief. If you’re in Sydney (Manly had a shark today), get out into this sublime weather. Yes, I’m at my desk now, but don’t you worry, I’ve been in the water catching waves and out enjoying that sea breeze in the sun. What a cracker, does March really have to end? Parting is such sweet sorrow.


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