Nothin’ Says Good Lovin’ Like Somethin’ From the Oven

April 14, 2008 at 1:35 am (Uncategorized)

I love baked goods. It’s not a small matter, it’s one of some urgency and magnitude. Bring on the bread. And the cake. And the pie. And the one thing that’s always been lacking in my neighbourhood is a really terrific bakery. Despite being almost perfect as a place to live, Man Town doesn’t quite deliver on the baked goods front. Plenty of delis get decent stuff in, but it’s so far and away NOT the same thing as knowing everything is baked on the premises, it really does taste different, and what we’re really lacking is a decent Mother.

This is the Mother Dough, the Queen Yeast, the dough from which all decent sourdough springs eternal. Every self-respecting sourdough baker guards their Mother with their life. I’ve heard that one bakery in Balmain keeps theirs in a temperature-controlled safe. Because let’s face it, a perfectly sour sourdough is hard to come by, and once the Mother is good, all bread lovers will follow. I have crossed mountain ranges for a decent loaf of bread, and I wouldn’t hesitate to do it again.

Sadly, Man Town is not the source of my new bakery. Unexpectedly, the CBD is, and Llew deserves full credit for having found it on one of his lunchtime strolls. It’s in a very peculiar spot, a bit of a dead zone, but word is definitely out because we just missed a lunchtime rush on Friday (sorry for not posting, but I had a day of meetings in town). And I daresay they are servicing plenty of businesses around the downtown area.

Anyway, don’t say I don’t always have your best interests at heart. It’s called the Central Baking Depot, and it’s at 37-39 Erskine St, Sydney. If you’d like to call ahead and place your order, you can phone them on +61 2 9290 2229 or email

It was a dream come true in there. All my Christmases at once. Llew and I leaned over the glass cabinets bug-eyed, drooling, and vexed by the weight of our decisions. What would it be? A lamb sausage roll for lunch? Or chilli beef? Perhaps one of those delectable meat pies in a thick gravy? What would we take home for dessert? A sour-cherry flourless chocolate cake or a cheesecake brownie? And what of the bread? Should we try only the sourdough, or branch out and try one of everything over time? Needless to say we settled on the brilliant idea of trying one of everything. It’ll take us a while to get through the full list, but we are resolved to hold firm.

I was practically swearing with excitement. Actually, there was no ‘practically’ about it – my enthusiasm did spill over at least once into a frenzied burst of expletives. The staff laughed and averted their eyes from my pointing and cursing at everything they’d baked with such loving care. How can people not eat bread??? How can they deprive themselves of croissant? And deep glistening pies and delicately glazed strudels? I pity them. I know the war against carbohydrates is still being waged by someone else, elsewhere, but keep that nonsense well away from me.


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