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April 28, 2008 at 8:27 am (Uncategorized)

Hi all
I’ll be trying to sort out a new internet provider in the next couple of days – Telstra has helpfully phased out my portable modem and as of midnight tonight, I’ll be without internet access at home until I find a new deal and a new provider. Having endured an unbelievable and constant shafting payment-wise from Telstra for the past two years of our contract, whereby we’ve experienced long, unhelpful, expensive, ultimately useless conversations with various members of their staff over their persistent billing violations, needless to say I am somewhat relieved that the two frustrating, enraging years of dealing with Telstra are at last at an end. I won’t be going back.

So… I’ll be trying to post from an internet cafe until I’m back up and running at home, but if there’s a day or two of silence, you know why.


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  1. Mike said,

    Telstra sucks big time. Avoid them like the plague. Don’t understand this attachment people have to the company – highest prices and worst service in the land girt by sea, employing gung-ho amigos to drive the share value into the ground — what’s going for it? Bad service, high prices, shit shares – why would you want ANYTHING to do with Telstra? But people are afraid to leave. Try TPG (though they’ve just merged with Soul, who I’ve heard are a nightmare on the phone side, but TPG has been excellent for me for years for internet), or even Optus are much better these days that they used to be.

    What has just happened to you is typical Telstra. They severed the cables at the top of mum’s street and it took a month of her (and I guess her neighbours) complaining before they would even believe it might not be the user and send someone out to check. If politicians are ‘b’ grade businesspeople (accurate, in my estimation), then Telstra is led by ‘b’ grade politicians (state politicians?). [end of I hate telstra rant]

    Thank you and good luck.

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