Dumb and Dumber

May 1, 2008 at 9:34 am (Uncategorized)

Okay, I am kind of back in action… I say ‘kind of’ because I’ve possibly just signed a two year contract for a new mobile broadband that may quickly prove to be an even bigger headache than Telstra. Why sign a two year contract? Well, the options are surprisingly limited. I’ve been shopping around. I’ve gone with Virgin, which in theory I am very happy about. They’re always so helpful, both over the phone and in their stores. I’ve really never had any issues with them, and today I lugged my laptop into the store at the Pitt St Mall and was led over to a red couch by Joe, who then proceeded to patiently, clearly provide something I haven’t experienced in a very long time: customer service. And he did tell me straight up – in fact I’d go so far as to say the man issued an outright warning – that this portable modem was going to be slower than what I’ve been using from Telstra. He told me.

But did I know I’d be able to start reading my book waiting for an email to send? Did I know that I’d actually abandon email altogether simply because I lost the will to wait one more minute for any sign of life? I am hoping it’s just teething problems, but I’ve been trying to make this work properly for the past two hours… at least ten minutes went by waiting for my Inbox to appear. Another ten to reply. Another ten to delete. That’s why I shut down the entire thing and started again, and when it loaded my blog homepage reasonably promptly, I thought to myself “Go on, I dare you: try and blog.” Let’s see how long it takes to load…

Phew. I’m almost afraid to press ‘publish.’ I could be sitting here for another half an hour, only for it to then announce it can’t find the server… Shouldn’t this all be getting easier by now? Shouldn’t I be past this? But whatever happens, it’s my duty to inform you it’s not Joe at Virgin’s fault. He did what he could, which makes a bloody nice change and is almost worth the $936 I’ll be paying over the next two years for a little gizmo that doesn’t really seem to work…

(Okay, here goes… fingers crossed…)


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