Happy New Financial Year…

July 1, 2008 at 6:06 am (Uncategorized)

New Financial Year’s Eve is a lot like December 31 at our place. We look at the year ahead, and we make all sorts of promises we are almost certainly not going to keep. Whereas the common resolutions of NYE are more in line with a general overhaul toward greater saintliness, and boy, is there a way to go, the June 30 resolutions all have to do with being better with our money. More sensible. Less inclined to budget blowouts. More cooking at home. Less drinking in bars.

We celebrated all these good fiscal intentions by…meeting down at the wharf bar. As we clinked wineglasses on the jetty overlooking the harbour, we actually paused and said “Happy end of financial year!” Yes, we really will raise a glass to just about ANYTHING in this household. Oh look, that cockroach spray really works! The milk is off! Our toilet smells! Someone’s sprayed graffiti on our wall!

Happy end of financial year. I mean, talk about scraping the bottom of the celebratory barrel. Then – almost in the same breath – we had an earnest conversation about the desperate need to get our financial house in order. There’s tax returns in them thar hills! We have to manage mortgage repayments. Our credit card bill. Costs of keeping the Welsh Dragon (AKA our car) on the road. A new computer (this one’s death rattle is really getting alarming).  All the other usual household expenses. We’d like to go overseas again. Soon. We’d like to knock down a few walls. Ideally, one day, in a perfect world, we’d like to buy the apartment upstairs. But all these things are contingent on our finances, so it’s really important that we do the hard yards. Make the sacrifices. Learn how to say no. And just how do you think we sealed the deal on our newfound financial maturity? How do you think we marked the momentousness of this solemn occasion? Our ascension into the elite ranks of those who truly live within their means now, so that they might be ahead later? We went out for dinner (of course).


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