Style, Substance, and an Apple a Day…

August 29, 2008 at 3:45 am (Uncategorized)

Hi kids. Apologies for false promises but I hope you’ll forgive me. This isn’t a REAL blog, either, this is just a cheeky mini-post, a traveller, as I am in the Apple Mac store in town trying out their fancy pants wares because my wonderful husband has decided my birthday’s come early this year – early enough for my week at Varuna – and my present is… drum roll… a new laptop!! Ahhhh… so exciting. Mine is over 7 years old, so this is a purchase that is woefully overdue. It also weighs about the same as a small child, so I’ve rarely taken the thing touring. Not a lot of portability past the 3 kg mark. So here we are… a computer cornucopia, all very sexy indeed. But what’ll it be? The sensible or the sleek? How to decide?? 

I had Nana Dramas yesterday, which I’ll share with you later, and which meant I wasn’t able to blog at all. Wednesday, by the time we got back from Maroochydore, I was too tired to think let alone blog, which was lucky because my dear old laptop didn’t take at all kindly to being left on and unattended for 5 days, and staged a major meltdown that wiped out my broadband program. Llew is back with a person in a blue t-shirt so I must away… more later.

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