A Love Story for the Ages

September 15, 2008 at 2:52 am (Uncategorized)

I’m so glad spring is here, although I’m still feeling slightly wary about it, like I can’t quite believe after that seemingly interminable winter that the end has finally come… and that in its frosty place, spring has sprung instead. And yet outside, Sydney is glorying in the rising temperature and the bursting new life. In fact, we were up visiting Llew’s parents on the weekend, and as far as the pair of visiting Rosellas were concerned, there was no doubt at all that the new season was underway. Originally named Bonnie and Clyde when they first started swooping down for a casual feed on Katie and Peter’s deck, they’ve since been renamed due to the male bird’s rather amorous advances. Thus, Randy and Mandy it is, and Randy is as Randy does. He would not be deterred. He puffed himself up and shook out his feathers and nipped at poor exhausted Mandy’s neck and literally chased her round and round the garden like an avian Benny Hill. You could see the female bird trying to put him off, but Randy was absolutely deaf to all protests. And talk about insatiable! It didn’t remotely bother him that Mandy was thoroughly disinterested; he’d have a crack regardless. We arrived at sunset on Saturday, just in time to see Randy pursue Mandy around the bird feeder. You could practically hear them having it out: “What’s a guy gotta do, huh?” demanded Randy. “I’ve taken you out for a beautiful al fresco meal in a swanky restaurant, we’ve had a few drinks, it’s a perfect sunset and a full moon – what more do you want, woman?” And there’s Mandy thinking, “Christ, a good book and an early night, since you asked…” 


And if Mandy was able to hold Randy back for the night, by morning he was back, ready to demand conjugal satisfaction. We were making breakfast when we became aware of the birds back out on the deck railing, squabbling and darting and hopping and negotiating. Mandy was so weary, you could see her defences weakening. She just didn’t have the energy to resist him for much longer. Randy had successfully worn her down. He was meanwhile absolutely full of beans, strutting up and back, preening, periodically launching himself at his hapless bride, and you could see Mandy’s head bowed in a particularly feminine pose of resignation. “Right, come on then,” she seemed to say in the end. “Get on with it, for crying out loud! I’ve got things to do!” And so away they flew, to consummate not just their relationship (for what must be at least the hundredth time, judging from Randy’s voracious libido), but really, symbolically, everyone else’s as well. Ah, spring… ain’t  love grand?!


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