I’d Like to Trade the State Government in for a New Model

November 11, 2008 at 6:33 am (Uncategorized)

Mmm… more good news out of the State Government. What a pack of raging incompetents. And I’d like to call the State Opposition to account too, because losing the last election really took some doing given the way everyone feels about the sitting government. Nice job, people. Losing the election that couldn’t be lost. But my special vitriol is certainly reserved for the State Labor Government, who don’t seem answerable to anyone, least of all tax payers, or should I say tax payers in Liberal seats. Those of us who live in said seats can clearly go fuck ourselves. 

Today’s State Government mini-budget reveals the State of Disrepair – oh look, that would be New South Wales – pretty damningly. Why aren’t they accountable? How long has Labor been in power in NSW now…? Is it 12 years? Why don’t we the tax payers have leverage in the way shareholders do? If the board of directors of a listed company tried to get away with this level of SCREAMING INCOMPETENCE, they’d be out on their ear. No one would stand for it. So why do we in NSW have to put up with these clowns? I suppose we’re to blame. We’re the mugs who let it happen.

What recourse is there? Really? What can we do? If you look at their brilliant plan for addressing the public transport woes of the whole of Sydney, you’ll see it includes further punishing the entire northern beaches area for its predominantly Liberal leanings.  Bend over, and brace yourself for another spanking. This whole region’s public transport has been so comprehensively abandoned and ignored by the State Government that many people have no choice but to drive to work. If you’re living somewhere like Avalon, this means leaving home at about 6 am – or else risk a traffic jam of truly epic proportions that turns what’s already a long drive into an utterly maddening one. I’ll never forget the one time I took the public transport option into the CBD from Llew’s parents’ place in Palm Beach. I got on a bus at 6:30 am and I was late for work. I was so out of my mind with fury by the time I got to the office that I burst into tears. It doesn’t work; people drive.

But now drivers coming from the north are going to be hammered with yet another toll increase, this time as they attempt – probably fail, but attempt – to cross the Harbour Bridge during peak hour. Yep, that’s another dollar every single day. Oh, and if you thought you’d change tack and start parking in Manly and taking the JetCat over to the city instead? Well, northern beaches residents, you can forget that too. Because those dimwitted corrupt buddy boys are getting rid of it. Yep – they’ve just axed the most efficient mode of transport into the city there is. It keeps people out of their cars and off the roads, plus there is no faster way into town from Manly short of a private helicopter, and even then you’d be pushing it. So what do they do with the one piece of good public transport on the northern beaches? Oh, well, they cancel it, of course. And sorry, it was hardly a bargain ride. People pay a lot of money to ride the JetCat every day, and they do it because it’s worth it. But oh no, the muppets in charge have got a better idea. Let’s just pretend none of those tax payers exist. Let’s just wipe them – and their property values, thank you VERY much, fuck knuckles – right off the map. Except when it comes to taking our money. They’ll still do that. They have no problem finding us then. 

NOT. GOOD. ENOUGH. It’s just not good enough. It’s blatantly discriminatory against the people living in Liberal seats, and it’s not good enough. I want my State back.


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  1. colkelly said,

    What we need to do is eliminate state government. To this end I have applied and received approval for this name as a NSW state party from the NSW Electoral Commission. I am currently in the process of collecting the 750 names needed to formally register the party.

    Go to the Eliminate State Government Party Blog estateparty.wordpress.com for details, policy, and how to join. If you see this as a solution to put pressure on both sides of politics and hold them to account and ultimately drive reform then become a member and encourage others to do so.

    Labour’s arrogance with this latest budget is unbelievable saying it is the budget we need to have because of the international difficult times – these are more denials and shifting of blame from years of incompetent State Goverment which includes the Bob Carr years. Bob Carr’s legacy will be much the same as Alan Greenspans i.e. seen during their terms as heros by many but ultimately history will see them for what they truly were – villians at the hear of the destruction of the State of NSW in Carr’s case and the world enconomy in Greenspans case.

    Colin Kelly Founding Member Eliminate State Government Party

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