What Happened Back There?

November 14, 2008 at 7:59 am (Uncategorized)

Here’s a conversation I never expected to have:


“Hello, yes, it’s Ellie from X Podiatry.”

“Hi, yes.”

“Look, I’ve spoken to X, and he won’t be making that house call this afternoon.”

(I’ve been trying to find someone who makes house calls for weeks – those toes need immediate attention and Nana’s not doing anything about it on her own)

“Oh? What’s happened?”

“He has been to see that lady before, and he’s not going to do it again.”

“I’m sorry?”

“She abused him. He made a house call there about 18 months ago, and she got abusive, so he’s not prepared to see her again. So thank you for making the appointment, but he won’t be going there this afternoon.”

“Abusive? That doesn’t sound like my nana at all. I can’t imagine her being abusive.’

(background info: podiatry has been a sore point in more ways than the obvious. SOMETHING went down with this guy, because when I first raised the idea of a home visit, she said ‘Someone used to come, and I didn’t like him at all. I wasn’t impressed, and I don’t want to see him again.’ I thought, what are the chances it’s the same guy? Come on! But Nana heard his name and straightaway said ‘I think it’s that fellow, the one that came before. I didn’t care for him.’ And I said ‘Well, look, those toes need attention, so he can come once and if it is the same man we’ll go to someone else next time,’ thinking sure, sure, Nana, it’s the same podiatrist and you’ve only had one husband – of course! I believe you! I believe every word you say! And what do you know? It’s the same guy! Can I win a trick? No! I can’t!)

‘Well, that’s what he said, and he’s not prepared to go and see her again. You might try Maryanne someone or other. I don’t know her last name, but I might be able to drive past her house and see if she’s got the board out front with her number on it. I’ll call you back with the number if I can get it down in time. You know, driving by.’

‘Oh, okay…um…sure, that would be great…’ thinking, what? 

‘Other than that you can try the Podiatry Association. I’m sure word hasn’t gotten out, ha ha ha.’

‘Okay, I’ll do that. Thanks.’

‘Good luck!’

I’m still reeling. Nana denies all charges, and I must say, she’s been capable of being a bitch and a pain in the arse over the years, but she’s turning 85 in a couple of weeks, which means she was eighty-three when she toed-off with the foot doctor, and I have never seen her abuse anyone. Abusive? It’s such a strong term. What did she do? Beat him with those infected toe nails as he was on bended knee assessing the damage? Who the hell knows. But we’re back to square one in the toe maintenance department.



  1. Pete said,

    Your Nana beating up a poor podiatrist? The mind boggles. Are Aussie podiatrists a sensitive breed or is your Nane particularly tough? Good luck with the search.

  2. doctordi said,

    Well, precisely – the whole idea is ridiculous. Surely cranky old people make up the bulk of his clientele? You’d think he’d develop thicker skin [ha ha] in his line of work. No, she’s not tough at all. Her toenails are, but she’s not. I don’t think I like this man now either.

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