Across the River, and About Those Trees…

November 17, 2008 at 6:15 am (Uncategorized)

I know you’re all ON THE EDGE OF YOUR SEAT wondering how Nana’s first outing to the Botany Respite Centre went today. Unfortunately, she wouldn’t go. So because the whole situation makes me feel like screaming, and because Julie from the Aged Care Assessment Team called me back on Friday with the news that no one is going to be available to start Nana’s care assistance until after Christmas at the earliest, I’m going to talk about something else now, before I have a fit. 

We had a long-awaited weekend away with friends the past couple of days, which was lovely. I managed to get so much MS work done on Saturday, too, so it was also hugely productive (not something that usually characterises these weekends with the usual suspects – it must be getting serious). We rented a fantastic house on the water at Cottage Point, which is a brilliant weekend getaway location because it’s ridiculously close to Sydney, and in no time at all you’re plunged into protected national parkland and the restful surround sound of total serenity. A-h-h-h.

Just as Llew and I were on the final approach, the threatening storm started breaking, and by the time we were enjoying our first pre-dinner drink on the balcony with the rest of the crew, a spectacular sound & light show was well underway. It was a magnificent vantage point. The shuddering bolts of lightning hitting the water and the rumbling thunderclaps made for a very dramatic backdrop to the night. Especially once the power went, because then lightning was the only thing we could see. But we found candles, and there was some kind of back-up generator casting limited light through the house, and really the storm became a memorable part of the fun. 

Eating, drinking, more eating, more drinking, eating, drinking. The end. 

I’m still feeling the effects, a classic case of needing a weekend of doing nothing to recover from a weekend of doing nothing. Well, we swam in the pool, lazed around with cups of tea, ate Tim Tams, read the papers and various magazines (and nursed a lap top, in my case), the boys went fishing (Llew caught the only fish, a flathead that was very, very tasty), the girls caught up on all the news at our leisure, and then we all threw on our glad rags and wandered down to the gorgeous Cottage Point Inn for dinner on the waterfront. A classic evening ensued. We drank to excess, we danced, we sat up late watching Australia beat England in the rugby (although it was not pretty to watch – a miserable game, really), we rumbled (not me personally, I hasten to add), blood was spilt, a lip was split, wine was spilt (on me, not by me)… and there was even the unusual spectacle of two 35-year-old men engaged in a fierce battle involving all their brute strength and a couple of throw cushions… 

And yesterday four of us rented a little runabout to cruise around the point and soak up the superb natural environment of native gums, jutting cliffs of sandstone, and still, clear water bending round inlets and sandy beaches and endless pristine ranges. One tree looked like Medusa, or an ancient witch doctor, standing by the water commanding its hidden spirits to rise. In the silence, you hear everything, even the distant sound of your own imagination reawakening.


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