Technology Ate My Post

November 25, 2008 at 3:11 am (Uncategorized)

Back again. Thursday night we drove down to Mollymook, on the beautiful south coast, to start a long weekend celebrating Llew’s mum’s birthday with the rest of the family. I was on deadline Friday morning with two stories due in by 10 am, so it didn’t much resemble a holiday for the first few hours, but once the work was out of the way, you’ll be relieved to know that I managed to get into the swing of things without too much ado (phew!). I kicked off with an hour-long run around the headland, which was a great way to see the coastline and get my bearings. It’s stunning country down south, it really is. Very lush, rural backdrops leading out to the ever-changing drama of the coast. And the wild weather just made it all the more exciting – when a storm rolls in, there’s nowhere I’d rather be than by the sea. 

The water was f-r-e-e-z-i-n-g. If I didn’t know better, I’d have thought we were in the wilds of Tasmania being hit by a current straight out of Antarctica – and in fact we saw whales very close to shore on Sunday morning – a mother and her calf travelling south. That water was teeth-chattering cold. Llew said on the final day the water was so icy it made his chest burn. Always a good idea, yes, but even we did not linger. To give you the full picture, the Surf Lifesavers shivered in their long-sleeves up on dry land and asked us for a surf report as we ran out of the water screaming.

It was a lovely, relaxing time. Plenty of eating and drinking (as per – boy, did I ever marry into the right family; eaters after my own heart!), lots of walking and wandering, a spot of shopping, a block of reading, even a little bit of snoozing. The other major discovery aside from Mollymook Beach itself was the nearby town of Milton. What a little gem. We had an excellent meal at Bacchus (Shop 7, Settlement Arcade, Princes Hwy, 02 4455 3449) on Friday night – handmade pasta, hand-rolled gnocchi, the freshest seafood, homemade desserts (including a sensational coffee brulee I wish I’d had the good sense to order) – a very confident little outfit, and it’s not a confidence that’s at all misplaced. It’s also completely BYO, so our bill was ridiculous. I rarely come away from a restaurant these days thinking ‘That was an absolute bargain,’ but Bacchus was. 

We also fell in love with nearby Revival (Shop 2a & The Shed, The Settlement, Milton, 02 4455 1200), run by a real force of nature, Gino Gionta. Gino buys, restores and sells antique and 20th century design furniture, and he and his wife Jenny have some really outstanding pieces. 

Well, that’s really bloody annoying. This post was a lot longer, all about Gino and architecture and furniture design and my obsessions and our joint adoration of the Mystery Chair, but when I clicked ‘publish,’ WordPress admin did something weird and locked me out of the bloody network. I had to sign back in, and this was all that survived of the draft. Sometimes technology really pisses me off. Sorry about this, but I really don’t have the time or the energy to rewrite the post. It totally sours my mood losing work, so I’m going to have to just come back in a better frame of mind tomorrow, when I’ll tell you all about the wonderful world of CIRA, the Council of Italian Restaurants in Australia.



  1. Pete said,

    I hate it when that happens (internet just ate two comments I tried to leave elsewhere). Here’s hoping this one survives. Glad you had such a good holiday. Aussies must be a hardy breed if you’re swimming in freezing water that the lifeguards avoid. And I guess the mystery chair will have to remain a mystery 😉

  2. Jenny said,

    You’re in. You’re really, really in. Figure it out.

  3. doctordi said,

    Ah, the Mystery Chair…I had to have it, but Gino didn’t want to let it go… It’s been “his baby” since he acquired it, so he wants to “look at it a little longer” before he parts with it. I honestly don’t think he would have sold it to us had I not developed such an immediate and deep attachment to it. I can’t wait to welcome it into its new home. It is a fine, fine chair. I must have been an architect in a past life – it’s one of my many obsessions. Some of the world’s great architects did and do time designing furniture, and it’s a union I just GET on a really basic level. To me, some of the results are works of art. The Mystery Chair is coming in time for Christmas, so that’s me done, Santa, you can pass me by.

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