Sick at Heart

November 27, 2008 at 3:10 am (Uncategorized)

I’m still digesting the terrible news out of Mumbai. I saw a photo of the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel and Tower on the Yahoo homepage when I went to sign in this morning, and it looked like it was ablaze. It was only after reading the attached article that I began to understand what was happening. This is the hotel where Llew and I began and ended our amazing Indian honeymoon almost four years ago. I can’t tell you how sick and sad it makes me to see this beautiful, historic city – a place of so many happy memories for us, the home of millions of proud and welcoming residents, and the holiday destination for the tens of thousands of domestic and foreign guests it welcomes every year – become the dreadful scene of such terror and carnage. Once again innocent people are dead and injured. Hundreds, probably thousands more are terrified for their lives. What is this madness? How do we begin to combat what we cannot even begin to comprehend?



  1. Pete said,

    I saw that and I was thinking WTF? Who? Why? Just incomprehensible. I have no connection with Mumbai so I just roll on to the next issue. What irritated me a bit about the coverage I saw was that it sort of gets excited about the live coverage of violence. I know they’re just covering it the best they can, but it shouldn’t just be another item to consume. Ok, sorry, rant here.

  2. doctordi said,

    Yeah, there’s a real problem, a real sickness, in the way media feasts on tragedy. And the disturbing thing is that they’re meeting a perceived demand, although, you know, I’m not convinced people are as addicted to horror as relentless media coverage would suggest.

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